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 Scammed by delivery serviced and dodgy builders!

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PostSubject: Scammed by delivery serviced and dodgy builders!   Mon Dec 21, 2009 6:02 am

About 3 weeks ago i bought a laptop off for my girlfriends Xmas box.

It was been sent to my best mates house as i used his credit card and wouldn't under any circumstances change the delivery address as its there policy.

The delivery was arranged for last Thursday with the courier however the decided to deliver on the Wednesday when my friend was at work instead of taking back to the depot they delivery driver decided to leave the parcel next door which just happened to be a derelict house under going renovation and had workers coming and going all day.

Safe to say the parcel was stolen so i had to endure an hour long call to a manager a (good job i used to be a call centre manager and know the score) .

I finally got him to agree liability and they are now sending out a more expensive model free of charge.

So i stuck in my mates house today watching the door as the stupid delivery window is 7am - 7pm! as i must intercept this parcel as the courier company have said the driver will try the neighbors again of there is no answer!!

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PostSubject: Re: Scammed by delivery serviced and dodgy builders!   Mon Dec 21, 2009 10:21 am

Gotta love it when shit like that happens. At least in the end you will have an even better machine than the one you ordered.

Last week something kind of similar happened with my wife. She ordered a laptop purse and the online tracking said it was delivered. I got home from work and nothing was on the doorstep and a note she had left for the driver was still on the door. There is another place in our complex that has the same number, but is on a different street and building #. Out of curiosity I decided to check there and sure enough her package was waiting on their doorstep. It said right on the package what building number it should go to. I've been meaning to go talk to them, when they are home, so they know if it happens again.
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Scammed by delivery serviced and dodgy builders!

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