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 Bad seller WARNING - Dermot

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Imperial Commander
Imperial Commander

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PostSubject: Bad seller WARNING - Dermot   Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:59 pm

Hello all

I am sorry to have to write this post but feel under the circumstances I have no other option other than to make everyone aware of some IMO major misgivings about a seller being Dermot O'Tool (re Huge collection for sale posted by (caswelbot) on SWFUK & RS.

Please be aware that caswelbot has NOTHING to do with this deal & is a stand up seller of good standing IMO

I bought an item through ebay some time ago from this seller (bobba67 ), this being a 9 figure multi-pack -

Now I contacted the seller asking what if any other baggie items they may have & was sent several photos, photos you will most likely of seen here on the afore mentioned for sales thread, these were sent to me a long time before a thread was posted here or on any of the other SW forums, foolishly it was I who suggested that he may find the forums an easier place to buy/sell/trade SW items rather than facing the ebay fee's - a mistake I feel.

Now after seeing the photos & hoping to get further items from the collection I placed a very high bid on the 9 pack & managed to win it by the skin of my teeth, all good I thought, but when the multi-pack got to me it was not exactly Mint as it was described in the ebay listing, but not that bad, but 1 of the baggies was in a very poor condition with several splits in the baggie which was also well worn, I arranged with the seller to buy several other items from the collection along with other items for 2 other forum members as it would be easy enough for me already going over for my things.

I was after ALL of his multi-packs & a lot of baggies & not one but 3 of the Special Offer vehicles so you can imagine the price tag we are talking about, that coupled with the items I had to get for others came to a large amount, which I said I would bring with me & put directly in to his hands on a face to face basis as I felt I would A - like to see what I am getting / B - deal in person & make payment on the spot.

This involved a long wait for the full list of items then one with prices then photos of which only a few ever turned up, which on retrospect should have set alarm bells ringing, sadly I am rather old fashioned in the thinking that fellow collectors want to look after one another - yeah right! - I am so naive sometimes! Sad

Going to pick the collection up entailed a 100mile drive each way & a ferry crossing to Ireland, so b4 I start I am £175 ish out of pocket, which I figure will be ok as I have been offered a 20% discount over all & this had already been discussed & agreed (which items & for how much).

I was asked to bring the damaged baggie from the 9 figure multi-pack with me as it would be exchanged for a better one, it was not as he said the other baggies had not surfaced as yet - gutted, but assumed all would be good as * when he finds them.

When I got to the sellers home I was rather horrified to discover that not one of his dozen +++ special offer items had the correct baggies with them, IMO rendering the items of a very low value & not what I was after, mega gutted as the Boxed special offer X-Wing with the small head SW-a baggied Han solo & Luke was the item I was after more than anything else Sad

I thought I will still try to make the best of things & just try & get what I can, Hmmm!.

On checking the baggies out that were with 2 of the special offer vehicles I had to inform the seller that they were in fact A- the wrong baggie types & B- FAKES! (removable limb c3p0 baggies that have been re-sealed & heat sealed rather than tape sealed), the guy seemed genuinely taken back so I decided to check all the other items I was after in finite detail to make sure all was good with them, it was anything but good news, with 75% of the baggies being FAKES, which I found a little hard to believe considering the collection they were coming from, but still possible as not everyone is an expert with baggied figures.

Cutting this a little short, I only ended up with the red ESB 6 pack that I posted in the latest acquisitions thread a 3 figure rebel command pack & some loose baggies as EVERY other multi-pack contained a mixture of mostly fake or wrong baggies & some even had simply loose figures in them, a point I feel should have been STRESSED in communications before my trip over to buy them.

There were 2 other packs I had an interest in both being 2 figure multi-packs from the creature cantina, both sealed, I said I would like to authenticate them & soon as I had I would make payment for at least one (blue snag) & maybe even the other, so I requested photos so I can do so - nothing!

I also noted on my return that the ESB catalogue which should have come with the rebel command 3 pack was missing & another that should have come with the 6 pack was also missing, I had noted a bag full of catalogues in the collection room when there, so asked if he could forward this on to me - again - Nothing Evil or Very Mad

So I tried to call him on both his land line & his mobile - ignored for 2 days, then he picks up the phone & says oh got to dash will call you back - I got an email saying sorry about putting the phone down but the other half phoned at the same time hence me putting the phone down on you & that he would call me later that day & to add insult to injury he also stated in that email that he had someone else interested in the two 2 packs & would rather they went together, well that was 3 days++ ago, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt & let him have 48hours to come back to me, then after the 24hours had passed I figured I may be being a little hasty, so gave it a further 24 hours - still nothing, no emails no phone call no sorry no baggie no catalogue & no bloody special offer items either Evil or Very Mad

I think you will all know me well enough to know that I give anyone I am dealing with plenty of opportunity to put things right should there be a problem & am 100% up-front & trustworthy when doing a transaction with.

I also feel it most imperative to point out that it is IMO not only the items I was looking at that there is a problem with, he has most of his items listed as in C8 or higher condition on his lists, but on being there in person & seeing the collection I would put a great many of his ships & play-sets closer to the C6 to C6.5 mark, being rather tatty & not worthy of grading IMO & E, I am not saying this or anything above to be malicious, but rather as to warn the community as to what's going on here & to urge anyone considering dealing with Dermot to ask lots of questions about the items authenticity & condition prior to making any purchase & to ask for multiple photos from various angles of both outer packaging & contents b4 making up your mind to go ahead with a deal, as I would feel partially to blame having not said anything should any other members get burned.

This is not a bashing thread, I am just stating what has transpired between us in this deal & ask you to make your own minds up as to whether you want to deal with this seller.
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Force Addict
Force Addict

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PostSubject: Re: Bad seller WARNING - Dermot   Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:33 pm

Frank, thats messed up, mate. As a matter of fact, his name was brought up in chat last night about not getting back to another member on some pieces he wanted. Good thing was you went and looked at the stuff instead of buying sight unseen like most would be doing. Hopefully you get it straightened out with him and get the items you were promised.
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Imperial Recruit
Imperial Recruit

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PostSubject: Re: Bad seller WARNING - Dermot   Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:17 am

Thanks Frank, I´m in contact with several other collectors, who have doubts regarding the baggies.
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Bad seller WARNING - Dermot

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