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 Uncle George is trying to be politcally correct? nooooooooooo

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PostSubject: Uncle George is trying to be politcally correct? nooooooooooo   Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:12 pm

in the latest of lucas tidbits about him doing changes to the movie he is still dissing people defending that greedo shot first in the cantina scene.

Han is not a cold blooded killer , uncle george states in some website who are reporting his latest stance on the whole han shot first thing. I think he is trying to be overly politically correct with this and he is losing a bit of my respect on that one. What is the point he is trying to make by trying to be politically correct? there is none to be made.Han is a mercenary, plain and simple and he did what he had to do. i would have done the same in his position if someone held a gun in my face i would have taken the same risk han took and yes i would have shot first.

another dude made a statement that roughly went like this.

you are trying to make han look better but you are forgetting that Luke basically killed a gazillion people at the end of the original movie and no one shed a tear or had second thought about it. Hell even in western of old you could bet your ar$e that clint eastwood would gun you down without hesitation if you left him an opening. what the difference between eastwood's gunslinger and han, not much to be honest but apparently, there is to uncle george...

what is you opinion on that age old debate?
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Uncle George is trying to be politcally correct? nooooooooooo

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