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 Do you have a contribution for Read here first!

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PostSubject: Do you have a contribution for Read here first!   Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:24 pm

Hi Guys, as you know Jay's site has been set up to be THE number one source of information for all REPRO and original weapons questions for vintage collectors.

If anyone has any information on genuine weapons that aren't on the site, or indeed new versions of REPRO's that you want us to add to the site please post a new thread in this section of the forum and use the template below:


Firstly please title your post :

"WEAPON CONTRIBUTION: (followed by the weapon I.E Ewok spear/Jawa Blaster)"

Then use the template below to give us the information!

(put the name of the weapon here for quick reference)

(any details we need to know that help us differentiate between real and repro, sculpt differences or material differences etc)

(please post MACRO pictures here on a white background as close as you can get them to look like our existing pictures like the one below)

This should make it really easy for us to keep discussions on any new information in the same threads ! Thanks guys!
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Do you have a contribution for Read here first!

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