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 250$ for the new vintage millenium falcon

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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

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PostSubject: 250$ for the new vintage millenium falcon   Tue Oct 23, 2012 6:16 pm

I posted this on the dear Hasbro thread on rebelscum. Cause i really want to let people know how much i am disgusted at Hasbro right now... I do hope this an error in pricing like some people might have said but if the pricing is right ..people are gonna be pissed....

Wow just wow! I dont want to rant but who is running the Vintage line show at Hasbro? like seriously 250$ for this. Do they really want to kill the vintage line that much?

I want one but they are not gonna get that much money from me for this. I can get the death star trench run which is epic and bigger for less.

and if you like vintage stuff you "can" get a "real vintage" millenium falcon from the 70's still in its box and probably close to mint if you luck out on an auction which reminds me how foolish it would be to pay that much for this particular toy.

this is beyond pathetic...who will be able to afford that piece? and Imagine the scalping price this is gonna command on ebay later on. Hasbro i had faith in you guys but this time you really like dropped the F--- the lof of yous bomb on most of your fans....

It just keeps getting worse and worse as time goes by!
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Jedi Master
Jedi Master

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PostSubject: Re: 250$ for the new vintage millenium falcon   Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:17 pm

Bud, I personally think you should be disgusted at TRU on this rather than Hasbro. TRU is known very well for charging more than other retailers and I think in this case they are the one for the main price increase. Also, prices have gone up drastically in general since the BMF was originally released for $159.99 in 2008.

I think had this been released as a Wal-Mart or Target exclusive the retail price would have been closer to $199.99 and I wouldn't be surprised if during or after the holiday season TRU drops the price down to that price point. Your comparison to the cost of a vintage falcon is moot as it is more about what does it cost today for them to produce a vehicle this big and also make some of that back. If it is too expensive then pass on it. Hasbro will know that there isn't a demand for these large vehicles and won't make them anymore.

I think complaints like yours will be the same if they were to follow through with the "bring on the barge" petition. That vehicle will probably cost even more to produce than the BMF was. If they do go ahead, I wouldn't be surprised if they do like Mattel is right now for the Castle Grayskull playset in requiring collectors to lock in a certain number in order to get it produced. The market isn't there like it was when we were kids, so really these larger vehicles are made almost strictly for collectors or the kids with really nice parents Smile , so it means a smaller number produced in addition to the higher costs of plastics these days.

My 2 cents on it anyway even though I'm not really a modern collector.
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250$ for the new vintage millenium falcon

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