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Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010551
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 Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010

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Craig T
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Grand Moff

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PostSubject: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:11 am


Welcome to my Luke Jedi Character Focus!!!

My objective here is to share my collection with the rest of the community whilst also providing a source of reference for new Luke Jedi collectors.

I will endeavour to update my post as frequently as possible and pass on what I have learned as soon as I discover new information and acquire new pieces to display in my personal collection. If I can help just one person reading this post with their own character focus, then I will be a happy man. Unfortunately though, I have no web developer experience, so I’m sorry if my post is a little primitive compared to the professionals on this great website. Hopefully though what this post lacks in style will be more than made up for in its content (eventually).

As with all fields of research, current understanding and ways of thinking will always always be made better, updated, or improved as new discoveries are made. Old ideas get replaced through better understanding as new evidence emerges. If you are aware of any inaccuracies or outdated information in my post, please contact me as soon as convient so that I may correct or update them!

My Limelight Post is divided up into a number of sections; Next is an overall summary of my Character Focus so far. Below this, you will find detailed phots of each individual item and details of my research on this item so far.

Happy Collecting,

Craig T.


My Luke Jedi loose collection so far:


My Luke Jedi MOC collection so far:


"The Uli Haul!" - A lovely collection of paperwork items recently purchased from a great guy! :


A snapshot of my collection from July 02 2010:


Main Menu

You can either read down and read each section in turn or (if you have HTML enabled) you use the Menu Options below to jump to the section that interests you the most. Note some sections are incomplete as I am still adding items to my post.

Credits & Recommended Links

Carded & Loose Collection

Baggies & Catalogue Packs

Luke Jedi Related Toys

Promotional & Other Items


(Updated 10th September 2010)


I first got the idea to start a Luke Jedi Character Focus of my own after stumbling upon Shawn K’s excellent website in March 2009. At the time, I was actually researching into POTF coins, but as I poured through the pages on Shawn’s Luke Jedi collection something sparked in my head about my favourite figure as a kid and I decided from then to start a little homage in my own collection. At the start, I already had a nice graded carded Luke Jedi 77-A back (Taiwan) and two loose variants in my collection, so my original plan was just to get all other the loose variants of the figure. This first step is actually still on-going as new loose variants are turning up all the time and fellow collectors tip me off about the ones I don't already have.

As my collection of loose variants started to grow, I extended the focus to include MOC. I thought it would be nice to get the best I could afford. So I decided to try to obtain at least AFA 85 of every debut “A-back” released by Kenner (i.e. 65-A, 77-A, 79-A and 92 POTF) and at least a AFA 80 of the Tri-logo (70-B). I liked the fact that some factory workers took the time to dress Luke with his cape on. So I bought two AFA graded Tri-logo 70-B backs - One with a cape on and one without the cape on. Here's a shot of my run of
six which I managed to complete Christmas 2009:

After succeeding in the small AFA 80+ run, I planned to track down the various “B-back” and “C-back” variations and then move on to other foreign (to USA) cardbacks.

As I learnt more about the Luke Jedi figure, I released I had opened a whole can of worms for myself. Not only were there MOC variations from different factories for each cardback, but there were also figure, accessory, and bubble variations/combinations taking place during each cardback runs.

My original plan to get just AFA 85 has changed considerably. I now want to aim to get every variation that has been released and sticking to just AFA 85 specimens would be too restrictive. As well as the MOC Lukes, I will collect loose specimens too. I will also start adding the related toys that Luke Jedi appears in and move into other areas such as Preproduction Items, Baggies, and Figure packs.The list is ever-increasing as I am made aware of new specimens. But, in total honesty I haven’t had this much fun since I first started serious collecting way back in the mid 90s.

Before detailing my collection, I would like to pay homage to the people and websites who have helped me either directly or indirectly on my way:

First and Foremost:

My lovely wifey - Thanks Jobi-wan!

TIG members who have aided me in some way or another in my quest:

Adam, Andy, Chris (x 3), Dan, Del, Emiel, James, Jason, Jay, Jeremy, Joe, Marco, Mark, Paul, Ryan, Rob, Shawn, and Uli

Luke Jedi Websites:

Shawn K's Power of the Toys
Bob Martinazzi's
ThorOakenfelder's Pioneering Luke Jedi Limelight and Research

General Star Wars Toys Websites:

Toysrgus (The Starwars Collector's Archive)
Stephane Faucourt's Reference for Meccano and Trilogo SW Vintage Toys
Lando’s locker
SW Vintage Action Figure Variation Guide
Mr Palitoy's Cardback Guide
The Palitoy Star Wars Cardback Guide

Trusted Shops to buy Luke Jedi items from when starting out as a Rookie:

James Boryla's
Tom N's Ebay Shop: Nextoy's Kenner Employee Archive
Dan R's (the3storms) Ebay Shop: Superdan's Action House


John Kellerman's Star Wars Vintage Action Figures
Stephane Faucourt's Meccano to Trilogo


(Updated 10th September 2010)

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Craig T
Grand Moff
Grand Moff

Posts: 798
Join date: 2010-02-09
Location: UK

PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:36 am


I have grouped my Luke Jedi MOC and Loose action figure collection so far into the factories that produced them. As I obtain more variations I will place them in their designated category.

At present, it seems to be widely accepted amongst collectors that there were at least three different factories that produced the plastic components for the Kenner and Palitoy MOC Luke Jedi figures.I have therefore grouped my MOC and Loose Luke Jedi collection into the production line categories that the figure variations belong to.

Note: If you have HTML enabled, you can click on the POP thumbnails below to "jump" to the relevant MOC factory section that you are interested in!

Factory 1: Hong Kong (HN)

Production line code on cardback: “HN”
Figure's COO: “Hong Kong” - COO Removed for Palitoy releases

Factory 2: Taiwan (TJ)

Production line code on cardback: “TJ”
Figure's COO: “Made in Taiwan”

Factory 3: Hong Kong (HT)

Production line code on cardback: “HT”
Figure's COO: “Made in Hong Kong”

Unfortunately, some MOC have no specific markers to indicate the production line they were made on. I will try to accurately place them in the correct Factory Category based on the figure that is inside the bubble. It looks like that the Tri-logo releases are going to give me the most trouble! The rest of this section is split-up into the 3 Factories. You can either read in order or jump to the Factory Line you intrested in.


The first Luke Jedi factory production line to be discussed in this post was located in Hong Kong. This factory produced both the Kenner and Palitoy Luke Jedi MOCs that have “HN” printed on the back of the card at the bottom. For the Kenner 65-A Cardback: the “HN” mark is near the POP, and for Palitoy: the “HN” is next to the revision number. Both are located at bottom right on the reverse of the cardback. Below are comparison shots of carded 65-A Kenner and a 65-A Palitoy Luke Jedi figures made by the “HN” Hong Kong factory production line. Note the COO is written on the front of the Palitoy Cardback.

The “HN” factory is famous for initially producing and carding its Kenner 65-Back line of Luke Jedi figures with an incorrectly coloured blue lightsabre. I am pretty much certain for Kenner releases, that blue coloured lightsabres were only packaged on the 65-back run of cardbacks (i.e. 65-A, 65-B and 65-C) and then only on Kenner Hong Kong “HN” MOC. Here’s my collection so far of my Kenner 65-Back collection of Luke Jedi – Blue Sabre on “HN” factory cards:

Hong Kong "HN" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Blue Lightsabre

Hong Kong "HN" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Blue Lightsabre (Alternative Card)

Hong Kong "HN" Kenner 65-B Luke Jedi Knight - Blue Lightsabre

I originally thought the blue coloured sabre was the only version packed within “HN” 65 Backs. However, since carrying out my research, I have found factory-sealed Kenner “HN” 65-B and 65-C backs packaged with the “corrected” light-green coloured lightsabre. So the blue colour was corrected far sooner than I imagined.

I suppose the factory kept on packing Luke with the blue sabres until the stock was totally used up and (maybe because of poor stock rotation) newer supplies of green sabres were accidently packaged before all the blue sabre supplies were exhausted. In my MOC collection, both blue and light-green lightsabres from the “HN” line are similar in form. The only difference is the colour of the plastic that they are moulded in. At the moment I have the following carded Luke Jedi – light-green lightsabres on “HN” factory cards:

Hong Kong "HN" Kenner 65-B Luke Jedi Knight - Light-Green Lightsabre

Hong Kong "HN" Kenner 77-A Luke Jedi Knight - Light-Green Lightsabre

Hong Kong "HN" Kenner 77-A Luke Jedi Knight - Light-Green Lightsabre (Alternative Card)

The next "HN" card is also 77-A Back. However I believe this one is from an earlier batch as the Luke inside is a Pink-Face version.

Here a comparision of the bubbles of the two "HN" 77-A Backs:

This proves that the original "HN" Pink-Face Luke (which is normally associated on 65-Backs), was also released on early 77-A Backs. I have also noted this 77-A Cardback has different settings to the previous one. Here are some comparisions of the reverse of the cards to see the the differences in print settings:

Hong Kong "HN" Palitoy 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Light-Green Lightsabre

The next "HN" card was distrubuted by Palitoy in the UK (and also by sister companies throughout Europe).

Many of these cards however were left unsold and found themselve being shipped as surplus stock across the pond to be sold in discount stores in the US such as Kay-Bee when Star Wars was winding up a couple of years later. I find this quite ironic as US Kenner cards were also sold in the UK to keep up with initial demand. As it happens my own Luke Jedi comes with a COO and has a pale-face and came with a Green Lightsabre. My mam and dad must have bought a 77-A Kenner version for me for Christmas 83.

I have noticed that both the “HN” Palitoy 65-A Back and Kenner 77-A Backs above all have identical bubble and tray designs. This gives me the impression that these two were both made at around the same time.

To date: I have found no solid evidence that a blue lightsabre was packaged on any Palitoy cards as of yet. I have, however, seen them bagged in Palitoy baggies in Del's great Baggie Collection .

Hong Kong "HN" Palitoy 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Light-Green Lightsabre (Clipper Sticker)

The Palitoy cardback was also distrubuted by Clipper for the Netherlands & Belgium. It used a wrap-around sticker which covers the bottom third of the cardback. It wraps around to the front of the card. The Clippper mail-away offer sticker covers the original UK Nien Numb offer. Thankfully though, the sticker was placed high enough up the cardback for me to confirm the "HN" factory mark and the that the cardback is a 65-A.

Palitoy 65-C Double Stem Bubble Luke Jedi Knight Cardback

I have also picked up a Palitoy 65-C. The Luke figure was removed from the card unfortunately, but luckily the owner kept the original bubble that was glued to the card. As you will see below it is a Double Stem Bubble!

Here's a close up of where the factory mark should be on this card:

As can be seen, the factory mark is missing from this cardback specimen. Without the original factory line mark and the original Luke Jedi inside I can't confirm 100% which Factory’s Luke Jedi figure was originally inside. However as carded NCOO Luke Jedi figures came from the "HN" factory, I will assume for now this cardback originally contained one too.

Here's a close-up shot of the bubbles Double Stem:

The Double Stem does give us further clues though: It not a bubble used by the "HN" factory in Hong Kong. Therefore Luke was packaged elsewhere. There most plausible explanation is that a large number of freshly made NCOO Luke Jedi figures were made and shipped un-carded in high volume crates to the UK where they were carded at Palitoy’s own facilities in England. This would explain the “Palitoy” bubble and the absence of the "HN" factory mark on the card. It may have been necessary to card additional Luke Jedi figures in the UK to keep up with demand. I know Joe had some footage somewhere showing the carding process within the Coalville Factory in England.

Tri-Logo 70-B "HN" Luke Jedi Knight - Small Wide Bubble

Here's a close-up showing the "HN" NCOO Luke Jedi inside:

Tri-Logo 70-C "HN" Luke Jedi Knight - Large Tri-logo Bubble

Here's a close-up showing the "HN" NCOO Luke Jedi inside:

As can been seen in the shot, the oversied bubble hasn't helped luke stay in good shape.

Additional Notes and Loose Collection of "HN" Luke Jedi Figures

Here's the comparision shots of weapons & accessories still within the original "HN" factory Packaging:

Hong Kong "HN" Luke Jedi Light-green and Blue Lightsabres:

Hong Kong "HN" Luke Jedi Brown and Grey Blasters

So far, I have found that all Kenner Luke Jedi figures produced at the Hong Kong “HN” factory have the COO: “Hong Kong” stamped on their right boot. They all come with a removable head that is moulded in a brown-yellow coloured plastic with the skin and facial features painted on. I have both pink-face and pale-face versions of this figure and have noticed that all the Lukes in my Kenner “HN” 65-Back collection all have pink faces. Conversly, All my HN” pale-face Lukes appear on Palitoy and Kenner 77-Backs.

This is only a small sample, but I am wandering how true I will be if I speculate that the pink-face Luke Jedi figures were first “HN” figures to be made? It appears to me so far, that the "HN" Pink-Face Luke was phased out during the initial production of the 77-Back run and replaced with a Pale-Face Luke. If I am correct then it should be OK for variant collector to display a "HN" Pink-Face Luke with either a Blue or Light-Green Lightsabre. For authenticity though, it looks like a loose "HN" Pale-Face Luke should be displayed only with a Light-Green Lightsabre.

At the start of this character focus, I wrongly assumed that "HN" MOC Luke Jedi figures came with only a stitched cape. This is not true! Hard evidence of a Hong Kong "HN" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight packaged with a Blue Lightsabre and Snap Cape can be found in Shawn K's collection. It was originally discovered and posted by Shawn K in Aug 2008

For the case of Palitoy UK and Europe releases, the Luke Jedi figures produced at the Hong Kong “HN” factory are "almost" identical to their Kenner counterparts apart from the fact that the COO has been removed during the production phase. In some of loose specimens I have, you can still see remnants of the “Hong Kong” COO when the figure is held in the correct light.

I used the word almost as I have noticed the "HN" NCOO Luke is actually a little shorter than the "HN" COO Luke. On closer inspection, I noticed that the "HN" NCOO Luke doesn't have "high-heel" boots where as the Kenner "HN" COO Luke does! I find it bizzare that this is the case for every NCOO Luke I have loose and MOC. Why were the boots resculpted for Palitoy releases?

A common misconception for new collectors is that the first batch of Luke Jedi Figures that came with a blue sabre also came with a head moulded in flesh tone plastic. This appears to be so far in my research not true. Despite a number of moulded-face Lukes being cased by AFA with blue-sabres, I have not found one example MOC Hong Kong "HN" Luke Jedi with a head moulded in flesh-coloured plastic. What I have found to be correct so far is: The first Taiwan “TJ” Luke Jedi figures were released with a head moulded in flesh tone plastic. These figures can be found with either a stiched or snap-buttoned cape cape and they all come with a darker-green lighsabres.

So far I have the following Loose Hong Kong "HN" Luke Jedi variations:

Hong Kong "HN" Pink Painted Face - Dan's Overstock Find

I picked two of these fellas up from Dan (the3storms) in Austrailia along with a big stash of weopons both are in nice condition

Hong Kong "HN" Flesh Painted Face - Unpainted Hand

A cool factory error where the hands on this fella are both unpainted.

Hong Kong "HN" Flesh Painted NCOO (1) - COO removed from right boot and date stamp higher up left boot

This figure came from our Jeremy (discobob) the quality of J's figure are always high quality.

Hong Kong "HN" Flesh Painted NCOO (2) - COO removed from right boot and date stamp lower down left boot

The last HN figure I have is also NCOO variation but this one has a different date stamp. It starts lower down the boot than the previous.

Here's a comparision of the "Upper" and "Lower" date-stamp types to get.

There is also a Third NCOO which will be posted soon. This comes from our great German friend: Uli


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Craig T
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:15 pm

The next (second) Luke Jedi factory production line to be discussed in this post was located in Taiwan. The Taiwan factory produced the MOC Luke Jedi figures that have the factory code “TJ” printed on the reverse of the cardback. The TJ code can be found next to the POP at the bottom right corner.

From my findings so far, the TJ factory seems to offer the most extensive range of MOC variations out of the three factories that made the Luke Jedi figures. Not only does the TJ factory have its own fair share of continuous improvement going on with figure and packaging updates during the 65-Back run, but it also appears to be the only factory to release the Luke Jedi figure on every cardback sequence right throughout the ROTJ line. It also appears to be the only factory that produced a Luke Jedi action figure on a POTF card.

As well as seeing the TJ factory produce Luke MOC figures for the entire Kenner USA run. I have also spotted an extensive number of Taiwan figures packaged on the generic Tri-logo cards. This is despite the Tri-logo cards all saying: “Made in Hong Kong” on the front of the card. It not surprising then that the “Made in Taiwan” COO is one of the most popular stamps you will find on loose figure variants floating around eBay at any one time.

As well as offering the most abundant supply of Luke Jedi figures, the TJ factory offers some rare gems! It was the only factory to initially release it Luke Jedi figures with a head moulded in a flesh tone plastic and the hair painted on. This head type was replaced quite soon during the 65-back production with a (cheaper to produce) head moulded in brown plastic and the face painted on. In most cases the moulded head Luke Jedi MOC come with a snap button cape. Though it might be possible to see MOC moulded head specimens with a stitched cape and painted head MOC versions with a snap cape depending on what batch of components were being used during the packaging process. So far in my quest I have managed to acquire the following Luke Jedi MOC variations:

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre - Moulded Face - Cape in Baggie

This is believed to be the first version of the "TJ" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi MOC to be made. The Figure has the head moulded in plastic and and the cape sealed within a baggie tucked behind Luke. There is no internal tray for this release. I have been wanting for another chance to get this card since Jan 2010 when I lost out becuase of some serious bidding. This time round I was lucky. A massive thanks to my buddy Shawn for spotting the MOC in the first place and setting up a snipe for me (just ti make sure). The dude is a gem!

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre - Moulded Face - Snap Cape

The next version of the "TJ" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi MOC release still had Luke's head moulded in flesh coloured plastic but now the cape is loose and placed behind the figure. Again, there is no internal tray for this release. Big thanks to Shawn for this helping to secure this great transitional piece.

You can see clearly here that the cape is the snap cape. Not also that this version shows that the snap capes were also packed in green paper sleeves as well as baggies. In this case the sleeve has been reused during the packing and taped to the back of the bubble as a handy way to keep the figure snug in the bubble before carding.

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Third version of the "TJ" Kenner 65-A release now has the figure replaced with the more common Taiwan Luke that has a head moulded in brown and the face painted on. This particular version has a face painted in pink.

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre (Ex-Kenner Employee)

This MOC specimen come from the personal collection of Tom N. Tom, a former Kenner Employee, is well known in the Star Wars collecting community and imfamous for saving a vast amount of prototype and rare Kenner material from back in the day. This 65-A came from an sealed 48-Pack assortment of ROTJ figures opened by Tom whilst he was employed by Kenner and kept in his collection for over 20 years.

Here's a close-up of the figure. You can see that the cape's green paper sleeve has been reused and taped to the reverse of the bubble to hold in luke and his cape in before applying the backing card.

Here's the great COA that Tom was kind enough to make for me. I was hoping to get the MOC and COA framed by Oscar as a cool display piece.

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 65-C Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

The last of my 65 backs for the time being is the 65-C. Again another lovely card that Shawn help me to obtain from across the pond. I always though the Emperor offer was a stickered offer place on the card much like the anakin offer. It not however, and the card was printed with the offer.

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 77-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 77-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre (SKU Changeover Sticker)

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 77-B Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 79-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 79-B Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Taiwan "TJ" Kenner 92-POTF Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Tri-Logo 70-B "TJ" Luke Jedi Knight - Small Narrow Bubble (Cape On Luke)

Tri-Logo 70-B "TJ" Luke Jedi Knight - Small Narrow Bubble (Cape Still in Sleeve)

Additional Notes and Loose Collection of "TJ" Luke Jedi Figures

Here's the comparision shots of weapons & accessories still within the original "TJ" factory Packaging:

The Taiwan TJ figures are sculpted and finished differently to the Hong Kong HN figures making them easy to tell apart without having to see the COO. For those interested in figures with variations in COO, it is good to know that there are two types of COO stamp for this figure. One version is slightly lower than the other. There are also differences in face paint used to give Luke his facial features with Luke being given a paler skin complexion on some releases. With the “Moulded head” variant thrown into the mix and two possible COO’s there are at least six different version of the TJ produced Luke Jedi figure to get! Not bad going for one factory. So far I have the following loose variants in hand:

Taiwan "TJ"Moulded Face - COO Lower down the boot

This the first Luke Jedi variation to be made by the Taiwan factory. It appeared on early 65-A backs and is a litlle more special as the head is moulded in a flesh coloured plastic and the face and hair painted on. The head was quickly replaced by one moulded in brown plastic quite early in the production run so it is harder to find. There are two types to find: One with the COO stamp lower down the boot than the other. These version usually come with a snap cape. This is the Lower COO version:

Taiwan "TJ"Moulded Face - COO Higher up the boot

Pick this one up from Jeremey (Discobob83). Anyone who is looking for top quality figures from a trustworthy and friendly guy should PM him! Great Guy!

Taiwan "TJ" Flesh-Coloured Painted Face - COO Lower down the boot

Taiwan "TJ" Pale-Coloured Painted Face - COO Lower down the boot

Taiwan "TJ" Pink-Coloured Painted Face - COO Lower down the boot


The third factory production line discussed here was also located Hong Kong and it produced the Kenner Luke Jedi MOCs that have “HT” printed on the back of the cardback. Although both “HT” and “HN” MOC Luke Jedi Figures were made in Hong Kong, it appears that two separate factories made them. There is strong evidence for this; the MOC Luke Jedi Figures produced in the “HT” Hong Kong factory are completely different to those produced by the “HN” Hong Kong factory. Not only did the two Hong Kong factories produce different a figure, they also used different packaging and supplied Luke with different sabres and guns. Both “HN” and “HT” factories produced carded Luke Jedi figures on 65-back and 77-back runs.

All MOC samples I have in my possession share the same production line code of “HT”. This code can be found on the back of the cardback next to the POP. They all have the same punch cut and they all come with a Light-Green Big-Button Lightsabre and a Thick-Handle Palace Blaster. There were 2 different bubble types used for "HT" MOCs and these seem to be unique to this Factory. The first type of bubble only appears on the initial runs of the 65-A release and it has no internal tray inside. This was replaced quite early during the 65-A production run with a shallower bubble that does have a tray to support Luke inside. This second bubble was then used throughout the remainder of production of "HT" Luke Jedi MOC from 65-A Backs all the way to the final releases on 77-Backs.

Next is my collection (so far) of Kenner 65-Backs and 77-Backs Luke Jedi on “HT” factory cards. I will start with the initial No-Tray versions first.

Hong Kong "HT" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Light-Green Lightsabre (No-Tray)

Hong Kong "HT" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Light-Green Lightsabre (No-Tray) (Alternative Card)

The next 65-A No-Tray is a much, much more special. Not because it is an alternative card but because a good friend and fellow collector went out of his way to help me get it. Thanks Shawn!!! I tried and tried to get the original seller to sell it to me but he refused as I was outside the USA. Shawn K. kindly stepped in, bought it for me, re-packed it in bullet proof packing, and sent it off across the pond. All for a can of coke!!! What a Gent! I have to say... Joining an On-line forum has been the best thing to happen hobby-wise to me ever and I am grateful for all the great friends I have made.

The above two "HT" 65-A (No-Tray) specimens have different Luke Jedi inside and and different cardbacks. Here's a comparision of the figures. The one from Shawn clearly is a Pink-Faced Luke. This is the fisrt time I have seen a "HT" Luke Jedi with a face painted in pink. Could this the first run of Lukes. It is hard to say if any others in my collection are a Pink-Face as the bubbles suffer from yellowin so they all appear to be cream. I will have to investigate this

The next couple of shots show the two different "HT" 65-A (No-Tray) cardbacks with opposite print settings:

The remaining batch of "HT" MOCs are all "With-Tray" versions. These versions start with the 65-A cardbacks. An interesting feature of "HT" MOCs is that when the factory upgraded the bubble to have an internal tray, it reduced the deepness of the bubble. So "HT" bubble with trays are actually shallower than the original one that didn't have internal trays. Here's a comparision of the bubbles for bith versions:

Since the “HT” Luke Jedi MOC had inner trays from the 65-A cardback release and share the same figure mould as the “TJ” Taiwan Luke Jedi figures, many collectors believe that the “HT” factory was last to begin production. This sounds quite plausible – especially for the two factories in Hong Kong. The “HT figures in my opinion are far more refined than the Luke Jedi figures from the “HN” factory. However, we shouldn’t rule out that all factories started at the same time and the evidence is simply showing us that the “HT” factory had a better quality system in place than the “HN” and “TJ” factories and simply switched to using bubbles with tray far sooner than the others in an effort to improve product quality for its customer (Kenner).

Hong Kong "HT" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Hong Kong "HT" Kenner 65-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre (ThorOakenfelder's)

The next MOC is also a 65-A, however it is a little more special... It was bought from ThorOakenfelder's collection. I feel quite humbled to own a piece of Thor's original pioneering research project. It is in a good home now... far far away from any U-grader or anyone without enough willpower to keep the MOC and its provenance intact.

Hong Kong "HT" Kenner 65-B Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

Hong Kong "HT" Kenner 65-B Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre (Alternative Card) (ThorOakenfelder's)

I have also aquired ThorOakenfelder's specimen for the 65-B cardback release. A massive thanks again to Ryan for helping me obtaining these pieces as they are really truly special items of the Luke Jedi Guide. Thanks Bud and I wish you and your family all the best for the future.

As a double bonus: I have noticed this specimen is the alternative card for this cardback. The settings on this card are all totally reversed. This shot shows the print reversal:

On the left, the figure names are in normal font. Whilst on the right, bold font is used. At the bottom it is the other way round the bold font is shown on the left and normal font is on the right. Note also that the card has been die-cut differently. Here are more shots of the differences which also include a different plastic colour of Luke's head and different bubble placement.

Hong Kong "HT" Kenner 77-A Luke Jedi Knight - Green Lightsabre

The last HT cardback I have at the moment is the 77-A back:

Additional Notes and Loose Collection of "TJ" Luke Jedi Figures

Out of the three factory lines, the Hong Kong “HT” factory has the most interesting figure variations going on within my collection. I have seven MOC specimens now and I have three different hair colours. They range from brown to green-brown to khaki.

The bubble’s yellowing makes it a little hard to see in the above photo. Here’s a better comparison of brown versus khaki:

Since the hair colour is the real colour of the plastic (faces are painted on for “HT” figures), this means either the “HT” factory used different coloured plastics to in which to mould the heads with or the hair colour variation is down to a chemical breakdown in the plastic - akin to the “Green Limb Chewie” disease. I wonder if anyone has a Green Limb Chewie MOC – if so, is the factory maker “HT” Hong Kong?

Below are shots of weapons & accessories still within the original "HT" factory Packaging. As you can see, both the lightsabre and blaster are significantly different to the other factories' accessories. The lightsabre has a completey different hilt design which is more like the Lili Ledy lightsabre and the blaster has one hell of a heavy duty handle. The matrix on the side of the handle also is similar to the Lili Ledy blaster handle. For more details on accessories see the amazing Lili Guide .

Hong Kong "HT" Luke Jedi Light-green Lightsabres (aka Alternative Hilt Lightsabre):

Hong Kong "HT" Luke Jedi Thick Handle Blasters

The same moulds and production line was used to make the Mexican Lili Ledy Luke Jedi figures. Please click here to see the amazing TIG Lili Ledy Guide for Luke Jedi . I am pretty much certain that Lili Ledy sourced the body components from this factory and shipped them to Mexico where they were then assembled, painted, and packaged for the Mexican market. I would love to hear from someone who worked for Kenner at the time who could confirm this!

My loose “HT” Hong Kong Luke Jedi collection is still in its early days of development. Before I carry on though, I would like to thank Uli (here on TIG!) for sharing his extensive collection on Luke Jedi Loose variations with me and for high-lighting new variations to my attention. Thanks Uli! A significant variation of this figure is the locality of the COO stamp. I have now seen both a “Higher COO” and “Lower COO” stamp for this type of figure. Coupled with the fact that the same two figures were released in Mexico - you can be safe in saying that there at least 4 variations to get of this character for die-hard fans. Even more! - If you take the greener hair to be a variation as well.

So far I have the following Loose Hong Kong "HT" Luke Jedi variations:

Hong Kong "HT" Painted Face Brown Head - COO Higher up the boot

Hong Kong "HT" Painted Face Brown Head - COO Lower down the boot

Hong Kong "HT" Painted Face Green/Olive Head - COO Lower down the boot

Hong Kong "HT" Lili Ledy Painted Face - COO Lower down the boot


(Updated 22nd September 2010)

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In this section, I will display and discuss the Luke Jedi figures in my collection that were originally distributed without a backing card and blister pack. These figures were instead sealed in a small plastic baggie which was either taped-shut or heat-sealed at the ends. These Action Figure Baggies were then either distributed inside Toys & Playsets, Mailer Boxes, Catalogue Multipacks, or the Baggies were just handed out to consumers at promotional events. When Production ceased the surplus Baggies were sold in discount stores.

The First Section will detail my Luke Jedi Baggie collection as it progresses, whilst the second section will show the Action Figure Catalogue Packs I have managed to track down so far.

Luke Jedi Baggies

Generally speaking, the action figure baggies were used worldwide throughout the vintage toy run of 1977-85 as a cheap method to sell and distribute the figures. They were used in many ways: They were used catalogue figure-packs for major retailers like JC Pennies and Sears; they were packaged within playsets; and they were also used in various promotional offers. Baggies are an important part of our collecting hobby and you only have to look at the fantastic collection of Del’s Baggies to see what can be achieved!

In my collection so far, I have only three Taiwan R.O.C. (Republic of China) baggies. Having three of the same kind ofLuke Jedi Baggie may sound a bit mad at first, but even in the Kenner Baggie arm of collecting there are variations! This is also the easiest Luke Jedi baggie to pick up so finding variations isn’t too difficult.

The Taiwan “TJ” factory made its Luke Jedi figure with two different COO stamps. Essentially, one version’s COO is closer to the top of the boot than the other. There also variations in the colour of the paint applied and the accessories supplied so the number of combinations available is huge and I still probably have more to find. So far I have the following:

Lower COO stamp, Pale Face, Grey Gun

This was the first Luke Jedi Baggie I picked up. It contains a Luke Jedi figure with a lower COO stamp and pale pink face. The Palace Blaster supplied with this Baggie is grey.

This particular baggie is different as it was actually sold as a Baggie in Boscov's Department Store for 24 cents. I didn’t know Baggies were sold individually in retail shops in this way until I saw the price sticker on the reverse.

This is the Lower COO version of the Taiwan "TJ" Luke Jedi. Here's a close up of the COO:

I tried to manipulate the the cape so you could see the COO. It is really hard to take pictures of the COO detail with a normal camera as the glare from the baggie doesn't help. It Looks like I will need to invest in a good quality Camera, but at the moment this is the best I could do.

It appears to me that when the Vintage Kenner line finally died, leftover Luke Jedi baggies & MOC were bought up in bulk and sold on as surplus factory over-stock in Department and Discount Stores. These were then sold on to consumers as “Overstock or Bargain Basement” items. Shawn K. had a similar story to tell with his original Luke Jedi figure: He got his Luke from USA Giants Kay-Bee, who imported vast quantities of UK Palitoy and European Tri-Logo Luke Jedi MOC and re-sold them on in its stores across the USA. I personally had moved onto LEGO when Star Wars died away in the mid-eighties, but I do recall a couple of friends in my street still collecting the figures during this time. They would go to Clearance Stores in the city centre with their Mams and Dads to buy up cheap figures. When I eventually bought their figures from them in 1991-92 a lot of these were ROTJ and POTF figures. I was told that there were baskets and baskets of left over figures in Bargain Bins at the time. So the same story of Star Wars toys winding-up in the surplus stock being sold off in Clearance Bays around the world seem to checks out

Lower COO stamp, Yellow Face, Brown Gun

This Luke Jedi Baggie came with a used Action Figure 3-Pack I bought from James at I am not sure whether it is the original to the pack or a replacement, as the pack was opened and the contents are not all present. This version of Luke has a COO lower down the boot, a yellowy painted face, and a brown blaster. This makes Uli’s speculation that both grey and brown blasters were supplied Luke Jedi action figures from Taiwan “TJ” Factories 100% correct.

Here's the COO:

As can be seen, this Baggie contains a Taiwan "TJ" Luke Jedi with the Lower COO stamp.

Higher COO stamp, Pale Face, Grey Gun

The last Luke Jedi baggie I have at the moment comes from the collection of Frank Bray. It is in really nice condition. This one is almost identical to the first with the exception that the COO stamp is higher up the boot. This was a crucial piece for me as it proved my speculation that both COO versions of the TJ Luke Jedi existed in R.O.C. baggies.

As shown below, this Baggie contains a Taiwan "TJ" Luke Jedi with the Higher COO stamp:

ROTJ Catalogue Multipacks

As well as selling the Luke Jedi action figure separately on individual cards worldwide, Kenner also sold Luke Jedi as a part of a figure multipack. These Multipacks were available to order through the Christmas catalogues of a number of high-profile merchandisers including: JCPenney, Sears, Spiegal, and Montgomery Ward. Because of the unique method in which these Action Figure Multipacks were distributed, they are also referred to as Catalogue Multipacks.

There was a surprising amount of Catalogue Multipacks released by these big merchandisers from 1978-1985. Of course, I am only interested in the ones that contain a Luke Jedi Action Figure. If you are interested in reading more about Catalogue Multipacks in general then John Kellerman’s Book is an essential reading. I have also come across a real good guide by Ron Salvatore on Mail-Order Figure Packs:

Ron Salvatore's Catalogue Multipacks Guide

Before I showcase the Multipacks I have in my collection here are few comments on them:

The ROTJ era (1983 to 1984) Catalogue Multipacks are essentially a plain white box with the figures stowed inside in individual Kenner baggies. On the front of the box is a colourful 4-inch circular sticker showing 8 ROTJ Action Figures. The sticker is generic, i.e. same sticker used for all ROTJ Catalogue Multipacks regardless of the figures contained within.

The size of the box depends on the number of figures contained within for a particular Multipack, but the circular sticker is the exactly the same for all the ROTJ Packs available.

Here’s a comparison of the fronts of a generic 8-Pack and 3-Pack:

Note at the bottom of the circular sticker is a disclaimer which points out the photo is for illustration only and that the consumer should refer to the back of the packaging for a list of the figures actually contained:

On the reverse of the box is a SKU Label sticker which gives the Kenner Stock Number for the Pack (i.e. the SKU Number); The Number of Figures contained within the pack; the unique Merchandiser Catalogue Number; and finally a list of what figures are actually included.

Note the Merchandiser Catalogue Number corresponds to the order number in the Catalogue that the Multipack was listed and sold in. As some Multipacks were sold through a number of different retailers, all possible Merchandiser Catalogue Numbers for this Multipack are printed on the same sticker by Kenner.

3-Pack, Kenner Catalogue Multipack SKU Number = 93560

The first Catalogue Pack I bought came from James Boryla (SWSeller). I was just finishing-off paying for my final batch of a massive haul of Ex-Kenner POTF coins, when this Multipack popped-up in our conversations. The 3-Pack was used and the figures long gone. But in my opinion it was a good entry level piece for the price and the task of reuniting the Pack with the correct type of Baggies would be fun if not challenging.

Here are some shots of the Catalogue Multipack 3-Pack Box:

Looking at the “SKU Sticker Label” on the reverse it can be seen that this Multipack was sold in the Christmas catalogues of 2 major retailers in 1983. The first was Sears (Catalogue Number: 49-59222) and the second was Spiegel (Catalogue Number: 57-6280). It was only sold in the Home Shopping Catalogue Division of these two US Retailers and nowhere else. By sure luck I came across a site that had the relevent pages for this Multipack in the 1983 Sears Christmas Catalogue:

As can be seen the 3-Pack is clearly there! Here's a couple of digital clippings of the same page showing the 3-Pack and Sears' description:

James did start me off with some figures for now but I would like to get the exact figures that came with this piece. If anyone has the same Multipack as me and can say with 100% certainty (e.g. they opened the Pack themselves) what baggies should be in this package, I would be grateful in hearing from them. Here's the contents so far:

As with the Carded Action Figures, Kenner printed POP on the box for the figures contained within. There 3 POPs (1 for each figure) printed on the side of the of the Multipack box:

Note the POP says: "STAR WARS FIGURES 3 PACK" on each one.

As to the location of the COO there are two on this box. The First is actually printed on the white box in the same blue coloured ink as the POP. This COO Mark says: “FIGURES MADE IN HONG KONG”. There’s a reference number also written in on the bottom right corner of the back of the box: (0757-055-00). I am unsure what this refers to - maybe it refers the Kenner Part number for the Mailer Box itself.

The second COO is printed in black ink on the SKU Label. This COO, in my opinion, supersedes the original printed COO because it refers directly to the figures in the package. The new COO reads: “FIGURES MADE IN HONG KONG OR TAIWAN AS LABBELLED HEREIN” Note that the Kenner Part number for the label reads: (0757-159-00).

1984 Sears Special Log Pages 12 & 13 (Includes: Kenner Catalogue 3-Pack #93560)

As well as the digital pages from the original catalogue, I have also picked-up a hard copy of the same two-page spread that was used in the 1984 Sear "Specialog". I love the Jabba the display and seeing a hard copy of the original ordering details given to consumers for the 3-Pack was great to see.

8-Pack, Kenner Catalogue Multipack SKU Number = 71430

This is the second Catalogue Pack have acquired. I wasn’t planning on picking one up so soon into my Luke Jedi Focus but when I found out the Multipack was still unopened and in mint condition I had to change my plan. This baby is graded too so there’s no doubt it is the real thing and the contents are original. A massive thank you goes to Chris W. for laying this item aside for me and allowing me to save-up for it over a few months. One thing this hobby has told me is that there are loads of genuinely nice guys out there who will help you if you need it.

Below are views of the Multipack Box. The front shows the familiar generic ROTJ Circular Sticker. The Back shows the “SKU Sticker Label” on the reverse of the box.

This Mulipack is larger than the first and contains the following 8 Action Figures: General Madine, Boushh, Lando Calrissian, Chief Chirpa, Admiral Ackbar, Logray, Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, and Rebel Commando. Interestingly, the 8-Pack is more common than the 3-Pack above as it was available in the Christmas catalogues of 3 major retailers in 1983. The first was: JCPenney (Catalogue Number: 655-3796), the second: Montgomery Ward (Catalogue Number: 48-62687), and the third: Spiegal (Catalogue Number: 57-6279).

The two sides are below. On the RHS, printed in blue directly onto the box are 8 POPs. This time each POP says: "STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES".

There is no other text printed directly on the box. The COO is printed in black ink on the SKU Label. The COO reads: “FIGURES MADE IN HONG KONG OR TAIWAN AS LABBELLED HEREIN” Note that the Kenner Part number for the label reads: (0757-170-00).

3-Pack, Kenner Catalogue Multipack SKU Number = 93560 - Spiegel Sticker

This 3-Pack has the original Spiegal price sticker which shows that some surplus stock was indeed sold inside the store on offer and not all through the home shopping catalogue.

Here are views of the Multipack Box:

A close up of the Spiegel Sticker shows it was sold in-store as ex-clearance.

Here's the contents that came with it. It is complete but has been “ kit bashed” from pieces picked up from different collections. I still am on the lookout for a genuine 3-Pack that someone has bought sealed. And can confirm with certainty that it all authentic.


(Updated 11th September 2010)


In this section, I will cover the toys and accessories that feature the Luke Jedi Character. In most cases, the Luke Jedi figure is photographed on the actual packaging, in others he has been illustrated in his Jedi Fatigues. I have split up this section in to a number of subsections to help break up the reading. If this section ever gets too long then I will also incorporate a little menu here so you can click and navigate to the toy you are interested in.

Vehicles & Mini-Rigs

The only Mini-Rig to feature the Luke Jedi action figure was the “Desert Sail Skiff”. It was originally coined the name “One-Man Sail Skiff” during the initial stages of development, but its name was changed for the Kenner packaging during the preproduction phase. So far, I have managed to track down the following releases:

Macao "MC" USA Kenner Desert Sail Skiff Mini-Rig

The first version displayed is the general USA Kenner release. This is a mint sealed example and was graded by AFA. I originally intended to open this to show the contents but it looked so nice that I decided not to and keep it in its display case. I suppose I will just have to get an opened version for the post. A massive thanks to Chris (Xiskool) for helping me obtain this lovely piece.

Here is the COO and POP seal. As you can see, it was made in the “MC” Factory in Macao.

Macao "MC" Canada Kenner Desert Sail Skiff Mini-Rig

The next Desert Sail Skiff is the Kenner Canada version. As with the USA version, I intended to buy a sealed copy so I could open it and show with certainty what was inside. I have again though, changed my mind. This was bought off a great guy in Ontario who really went out of his way to help me get this. Thanks so much for everything DJ! After he told me the great story of how he he found it and how he kept it sealed for the last 20 years I thought who am I to open it now. So I will have to get an open one at a later time too.

Here is a shot of the COO and POP seal, which shows the Kenner Canada version was also made in the same Macao “MC” Factory as the USA version.

Made in Spain Tri-logo One Man Sail Skiff Mini-Rig (Special Price 49p Sticker Version)

The final name of “Desert Sail Skiff” is used for all Kenner releases in the USA and Canada. However, for some reason unknown to me the original name of “One-Man Sail Skiff” was used for the European version that was released on Tri-Logo Packaging. The Tri-Logo version of this toy was made in Spain (by PBP) and distributed throughout the countries of Europe by the relevant sister company (Palitoy, Meccano, ect.) For the Tri-logo release, there are two versions of the box to find. One has a thicker band of black at the bottom of the box than the other (compare the COO stamps). Addtiionally, some boxes have a large non-removable white sticker with “Special Buy 49p” on the side of the box. Maybe the stickered boxes was released later on in the Tri-logo runs as some of the last Tri-logo 70-D cardbacks have a similar promotion with a giant yellow “New Figure” stickers.

Here is the first of my two Tri-logo specimens; It was a sealed (stickered version) but the sellotape has dried up and come away.

Here's a close up of the COO as can be seen it is Spain (by PBP).

The contents are still unused. The main body of the ship comes in a loose bag and the sails and loose parts come in a tape sealed bag. There is also a small sticker sheet and a folded instruction sheet.

Made in Spain Tri-logo One Man Sail Skiff Mini-Rig (Alternative Box)

My second One-Man Sail Skiff was also made in Spain but the box is slight different the bottom. It has a narrower band of black. Here's photos of the box and contents:

Here's pics of the Top, COO, and Bottom. Notice the black border at the bottom is a different thickness.

The Rig and contents are in a very good condition considering that the toy was opened and played with. The stickeres are applied but the sheet is still present.

Made in Spain Tri-logo One Man Sail Skiff Mini-Rig (Special Price 49p and Italian G.M. Stickers )

My third Spanish-made One-Man Sail Skiff also has the "Special Buy 49p" sticker. I bought this one though because it also has the Itailian General Mills contact details on a white sticker at the bottom of the box. It appears that this specimen was initially intended to be sold in Italy and surlpus stock was shipped to the UK for selling-off in discount stores.

Here's photos of the box and contents:

Here's pics of the Top, COO, and Bottom.

Here's a close-up of the Italian G.M. Sticker and a shot of the unused contents:


Luke Jedi was featured on the packaging of two Return of the Jedi Playsets. The first was the Jabba the Hutt playset and the second was the Ewok Village. The First is a particular favourite of mine as I had the Jabba playset as a kid for Christmas 1983. I spent many hours setting up the scenes in Jabba’s Palace with all his henchmen. The amount of thought and detail that went into creating these accessories was tremendous.

Made in Hong Kong Tri-logo Jabba The Hut Playset

This particular playset holds sentimental value to me as it was my own as a kid. I did lose a part of Jabba’s bong and Jabba himself needed to be replaced because I broke one of his arms. Don't worry though - my dad glued it back for me and put it up the loft for safe keeping. The rest of the playset though is still intact in a very good condition. I have always loved this toy and bought a Tri-logo box for him in the late 90s for 20 quid. Since then I have been picking up a few spares on the way over the years. Below are photos of the Tri-logo box I Picked up. Emiel was kind enough to share pictures of his Tri-logo Jabba on the forum so at least I know what inserts and paperwork come with this version

Here are sides and a close up of the COO. As can be seen it was made in Hong Kong

Here's my original playset. Since uploading the picture and writing this text I have decided that next time I go back home to the UK to visit the folks I will venture up my Mam and Dad's attic and reunite my childhood Jabba with his original throne.

USA Kenner Jabba The Hut Playset (Box Flat)

I recently managed to pick up a left-over Box Flat left from the production of the US Kenner Jabba the Hutt Playset. Here are Font and Back shots of the Box-Flat:

I have seen loads of left-over baggies from the Jabba Playset floating around the web but haven’t seen this particular full-colour Box Flat before. I made an offer to the seller at fair price but was pleasantly surprised with the condition and the packing job! Apart from the two flaps which had to be folded for storage, the rest of the box is rigidly flat. There are other left-over flats but the majority of these are the Sears Mailer Line-Art version.

Below is a close up of the POP and COO. The toy parts were made in Hong Kong but shipped to Kenner US for partial assembly and packing. Note there are no initials near the POP for the factory of origin.

USA Kenner Jabba The Hut Playset (Alternative Line-Art)

The next Jabba the Hutt playset is the US Kenner Line-Art box version.
This is the “White Mailer Box” version which Sears used to ship out the Jabba playsets that were sold through its mail-order catalogue division. Presumably because it was ordered through the catalogue and posted out to customers, the box features no glossy art work or photography. Apart from the Line-Art on the front of the box, the only other feature on this bare box is the Akers Packaging box certificate.
It is unusual because out of all the Jabba the Hutt playsets that could be bought around the world, the Line-Art version is the only one that doesn’t feature Luke Jedi (or any of Jabba’s henchmen) on the box front. It is just Jabba and his throne. Nothing else; even Salacious Crumb isn't shown. This box is sealed but I have seen a number of unused box flats floating around.

Kenner Canada Jabba The Hut Playset

I didn't initially know that Kenner Canada had distrubuted their own Jabba Playset until I came across The Canadian Star Wars Gallery. According to the dedicated site: "Kenner Canada was actually a joint venture between Irwin Toys of Canada and General Mills/Kenner USA" and "Canadian Star Wars items were only produced at about 10% of American volume levels". One of the interesting aspects of the Canadian toys is that Kenner Canada had to comply with bilingualism laws which meant that all packaging had to be bilingual - consisting of English and French descriptions. I believe the majority of the paperwork inserts were also bilingual. I used the word "Majority" as I have seen MISB Kenner Canada toys that have had the American Kenner Jabba Mini-Catalogue inside - even though the accompanying instructions were bilingual.

Below is my Canadain Jabba the Hutt Playset. I found this set on ebay and was chuffed to set it had everything still there including the unique bilingual Mini Catalogue. The Canadain mini-catalogue is twice as thick its USA counterpart as there's a complete English and French version inside. However, my initial bout of good luck (I won the item for its starting price) turned sour as the item was damged by the seller during packing and he removed the unique mini-catalogue inside before posting:

Thankfully though there's are some great guys in this great forum and Uli was kind enough to identify the catalogue I needed and replace it for me without asking for anything in return. Thankfully though I had something (he would definately like) to send him as a thank you for a totally magnanimous gesture!

below is the now complete playset. I also had some luck reshaping the crushed box so in the end another happy ending!

Kenner Canada Ewok Village Playset

The next playset that featured the Luke Jedi figure was the Ewok Village. I picked up the boxed one shown below a good eight years ago and totally forgot what version I had until I went back home to visit my parents recently.
This is the Kenner Canada version. It’s similar to the Kenner USA version with the front and top having a glossy photograph showing the playset. Luke Jedi can be seen in the Ewok’s net trap along with R2 and Chewie. The back, sides and bottom of the box are white with Line-Art prints. The ROTJ logo is printed in English, but the rest of the box has both English and French descriptions.

The POP and COO are shown below. As can be seen, the box and toy was made in Canada. The POP has no foreign factory mark indicating this. The Ewok Village was the final play set released in Canada.

I didn't have time to a good photo shoot of the contents, but when I return home I will set it all up for display. Here's a quick picture of everything though. I removed the instructions as they are actually European Tri-logo ones. One interesting variation for the Canadian version of the Ewok village was that the drum was unpainted and is completely grey.


As well as the Jabba Playset, Luke Jedi was featured on the box of the Rancor Monster Creature Toy. At the moment I only have the Tri-Logo version so still have a few to get.

Made in Mexico Tri-logo Rancor Creature

The box is shown below, inside it there’s an inner cardboard sleeve rectangular insert which fits snugly inside and gives the box a little more rigidity. There were no inserts inside when I bought it (opened) but Andy found a Palitoy poster hidden between the outer box and inner sleeve in his. I will have to check mine when I go home next to see if there’s anything there.

Here are photos of the Top, COO, and Bottom. As the COO shows it was made in Mexico. Thanks to Andy I now know of another version which I need to get hold of. I let you guys know as soon as I find it!

As for contents, apart from the poster I am not sure if the Tri-logo Rancor came with any other paperwork. I'll update this section once I know. For now ,here are views of the toy itself:

Figure Cases

The next section details the Action Figure Cases. Luke Jedi featured on two versions. The first is the ROTJ Vinyl Figure Case where Luke Jedi appears in graphical form. The second is the “Gold” C3PO Case, where Luke Jedi is shown stowed away in the case.

Kenner ROTJ Vinyl Figure Case Pre-Production Artwork Transparancy

I don’t have the actual ROTJ Vinyl Figure Case yet. But I have managed to acquire a Pre-Production Transparency of the case's Artwork:

This was acquired from Eddie A. (aka: thethingsIfind), who bought this and a large collection from an Ex-Kenner employee. Notice the unpainted centre! This is where the ROTJ logo is placed on the final product. Until I bought one I didn’t release Kenner’s Graphical Artists would leave the centre unfinished. I suppose it makes sense now not to waste time and paint sections of the image where the Artists would know in advance would be covered up by the ROTJ logo.

The Transparency comes is its original sleeve. Here are some images of the same Transparency out of the sleeve and displayed lit-up on a light box. Luke Jedi is actually featured twice in two different scenes from the film.

ROTJ Figure Case Pre-Production Transparancy Film

The second is the C3PO bust Action Figure Case. I got this as a MISB in the 90s and opened at the time to see what was inside. All the contents are the original. The case itself was sealed in shrink wrap to protect the metallic finish and a cardboard 65-Back sleeve was placed over it and secured together with tabs underneath.

Luke Jedi and other action figures are featured on the cardboard packaging. All are being shown stored inside the case:

Out of all the cases made by Kenner this is my favourite... it stunning to look at when lighted up in a display cabinet. Some photos of the actual case:

Inside the case is a Kenner catalogue, leaflet, and huge double sided colourful cardboard insert. The insert is in the shape of C3PO’s head and features two photographs of all the figures available then. Luke Jedi is at the front in the photograph and shown with a Blue Lightsabre.

Additionally, the inserts include a cool printed yellow sticker sheet with the names of all the figures at the time so you could peel off the names of the figures in your personal collection and customise the storage compartments so each figure had its place. At the top of the case is a storage compartment for weapons


(Updated 13th September 2010)

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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:28 pm


Kenner Products, Cincinnati, USA

It won't be a surprise to anyone that the major source of Luke Jedi related promotional pieces was the toy companies themselves. I will start with the primary toy company first, which was of course was Kenner (USA), before moving on to the "affiliate" toy companies that promoted the Luke Jedi figure and the related toys outside of the states. I will also post promotional pieces from other sources such as retailers and non toy companies after this.

Do You Dare Recreate All The Adventure? (1983 "65-Back" Release Promotion)

One of the first promotional pieces to be released by Kenner to advertise the up and coming release of the new Return of the Jedi figure was this stunning advert:

This particular copy comes from a magazine published in Fall (Autumn) 1983. It features a close-up of Kenner's Jabba the Hutt creature with a large slogan across his face: "Do You Dare Recreate ALL The Adventure?" Underneath, appearing in his hand, 6 of the first 17 ROTJ figures to be released. Luke Jedi can be seen in the front with the infamous Blue Lightsabre.

Thanks to a little bit of sheer luck, I stumbled upon Tom Neiheisel's post in another forum advertising an original Ad-Slick created for this campaign. Here's the Ad-Slick:

It really great and thankfully I was able to repay one of the thousands of favours I owe Shawn and help him secure one too! Tom is really a great guy and was kind enough to enclose a COA with the piece and write a short note about it.

It not until you place both adverts side by side do you notice all the subtle differences. The final advert is a little smaller and the final text and formating has changed. I wonder if the original design was ever printed?

Here's a final group shot of all three. It will look great all mounted and framed together.

POTF Luke Jedi Coin (Mail-Away Promotion)

As seen in the MOC section, the TJ Factory released its last Kenner Luke Jedi figures on a POTF cardback with a special POTF Luke Jedi coin. This same coin was also available to consumers before the release of the POTF cardbacks via Kenner’s last cardback mail-away promotion. Strictly speaking, there were 62 POTF coins formally produced and released for consumers to collect including Luke Jedi. This number does not include the various Pitch Coins, Alternative Backs, the 63rd Coin, and all the Droids, Ewoks, Protoypes, Mistrikes, and Unproduced coins out there.

Here heads & tales shots of the Luke Jedi coin:

The coin offer was advertised on ROTJ cards with a special yellow sticker. Shown below is my ROTJ Imperial Commander MOC with the POTF Coin Offer sticker.

In order to receive a free POTF coin, you had to send the POP and the sticker (both cut out from the card) and a dated till receipt. As these yellow stickers were sent to retailers on rolls for the shop assistants to place on cards themselves, there is no definitive list of ROTJ cardbacks with this offer. Additionally, many retailers (and years later "collectors") also placed this sticker on surplus old stock which is why you can find the offer also on SW and ESB cards.

All the coins that were sent individually to consumers came in small manila envelopes such as the one shown below:

Here I have managed to pick-up a mailer envelope from Eddie Albano. The Luke Jedi coin comes from Tom N. Who acquired a large a surplus stock of POTF left over from the consumer relations department. Gus Lopez was the first collector to list the coins in categories of rarity from the common Category 1 to the very rare Category 5. This category system is still referred to today by POTF collectors. A lot of collectors at the time reported how frustrating it was to try and complete the set as they were often sent the same Category 1 and Category 2 coins as those packaged in the cards. It was quite likely therefore that you could have been sent a Category 2 Luke Jedi coin if you participated in the offer. Although 62 coin designs were produced, around 20 of the designs were minted (and given) out in such limited quantities, that very few people were able to complete the set in the 80s. Most of the lucky ones who did get a complete set were only able to do so because Kenner allowed them to buy/claim for the whole set in one go.

Although I haven’t purchased a decent amount of POTF coins this year, I am working on my own set of 62 POTF coins. I still have a long way to go yet and progress has been put on hold so I can focus on my Luke Jedi MOCs. Here’s a shot of my coin collection to complement my Luke Jedi coin.

:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: PICTURE COMING SOON... :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

I was initially tempted to make a huge frame to display them all, but since buying a coin album, I prefer this way as you can easily take out the coins and see both sides of the coin very easily. If anyone is interested in starting to collect the POTF coins themselves then Shawn has done a cracking job collating everything POTF coin related into one easy to read guide:
POTF Coin Reference Thread

Unreleased Prototype POTF Coin Album (Perceived Mail-Away Promotion)

The next item only reached the prototype stage of development. It is a POTF coin album (with space for 18 POTF coins) that Kenner planned to give away as mail-in offer to be advertised on the never-released POTF 93-Backs. If released, it would have come with a special light coloured coin. I didn’t get the light coloured 63rd coin. But I have placed Tom N’s Luke Jedi in the frame for display and plan to get an “Oscar” frame for it.

This piece particularly interested me as someone had originally handwritten numbers in four of the slots. It may be possible that someone was referring to a layout of specific coins for a photo shoot or a demonstration within Kenner as the album came from the collection of an Ex-Kenner Employee

ROTJ Poster (Mail-Away Promotion)

Marketed as a one-of-a-kind STAR WARS Action Poster, this cool mail-in item wasn't advertised on any cards instead it was avertised on TV (see Shawn Mailer guide) and in participating stores on yellow Point of Sale displays. In order to get the poster you had send in two proofs of purchase along with the entry form voucher that was on a tear-off pad on the POS. Here's a unused voucher:

The poster is double sided with the movie characters on the front in a collage and Kenners 79 action figures on the back. At the bottom of the reverse is a "STAR WARS ACTION FIGURE TRIVA GAME". Here's the front and back views:

Luke is pictured fighting Darth in the top left quarter.

The poster came (double) folded in a plain white envelope as shown in the photos below

Young Jedi Knight Mailer

For a full review of all (not just Luke Jedi related) Kenner Mail-Away items please see: Shawn's Mailer Collections Guide

:?: :?: :?: :?: :?: FULL POST COMING SOON... :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

My last chapter is under construction so come back soon!










(Updated 23rd May 2010)



Original Debut Post...
(Made 15th Feb 2010)


Sorry Gunners if I muck this up (My First Proper Post ... so please help out if I have)

I Managed to take a couple of shots of my fledgling Luke Jedi focus below... Its not as good as Shawn's, but it's a start!

I am just seeing if I can get the post up and the gallery working... I try and get better shots and edit and add descriptions later! - Done!

My Carded Babies:

Starting Top Right and working anti-clockwise:

1) 1983 Kenner Starwars ROTJ 65 Back-A – Blue Sabre.
2) 1983 Kenner Starwars ROTJ 77 Back-A – Green Sabre.
3) 1984 Kenner Starwars ROTJ 79 Back-A – Green Sabre.
4) 1985 Kenner Starwars POTF 92 Back-A – Green Sabre.
5) 1983 Palitoy Starwars Tri-logo 70 Back-B, Narrow Palitoy Bubble Cape is on Luke.
6) 1983 Palitoy Starwars Tri-logo 70 Back-B, Wide Palitoy Bubble Cape behind Luke.
6) Palitoy Starwars Tri-logo One-Man Sail Skiff (Was MISB but tape finally came away Sad ).
7) 1984 Kenner Starwars ROTJ 79 Back-B - Green Sabre (Anakin Offer Sticker says COO = HK but figure lookslike a TW sculpt ).
8 ) 1983 Kenner Starwars ROTJ 65 Back-A – Blue Sabre HK.
9) 1983 Kenner Starwars ROTJ 65 Back-A – Green Sabre HK.

My Loose Varaitions:

Starting Top Right and working clockwise:

[b]1) TW Luke with moulded face, green sabre, and snap cape (UKG 90)... I intended to smash this open when I bought it but I haven't done it yet.
2) TW (R.O.C) Luke Baggie… This one’s a ROTJ-H type.
3) TW Luke backing card... These US Kenner carded Lukes sold for £1.59 in Tescos UK - where’s a Delorean when you need one! This cardback was nicked from a friend in school because I lost mine.
4) HK Luke with painted face, green sabre, and stitched cape... This was originally mine from 1983(ish). I can't remember exactly which Christmas I had Luke.
5) TW Luke with pale face, blue sabre and snap cape... This was bought from the "original owner" on the bay in 2005. He confirmed all accessories originally came with this figure.
Although at the time he had no reason to tell porkpies, I have yet found no evidence that TW Lukes came carded with Blue Sabres. (Appreciate any comments or opinions on this topic?)
6) TW Luke with pale face... given to me by one of the lads in Uni. I kept it for sentimental reasons.
7) & 8 ) HK Lukes with painted faces and stiched capes. Both figures are unused factory stock left over from a warehouse find in Oz. Piles of guns and sabres picture below them are also from the same find. I bought these last March but Dan is still offloading his awesome stash! (Check out the3storms on the bay)

9) NO COO Luke with painted face, blue sabre, and stitched cape - Lower Date Stamp ... Last but not least (have more coming soon)


Revision Notes:

15th Feb 2010:
Debut post on TIG. Limelighted collection at the time.

1st-21st April 2010:

Decided to to turn post in to a research project
Designed new Avatar/Header
Designed Post Set-Up - 6 Sections in all. The major section being the MOC collection. Applied Kellerman's Book to group MOC collection into countries of origin. 3 Major Luke Jedi factories are HN, HT, and TJ.

22 April -23 May:
Added Notes fot the TJ Factory
Designed new Graphics for the Post

24-May - 1 June
Updated HT Factory MOC (Thor's MOC added)
Constructing Toys Section

1 - June - 02 - July
Completed the Toys section
Added Menus in Header to Navigate to Sections using Anchors
Completed the Baggies and Catalogue Section
Revised the Credits and Reference Section

02 July - Present:
Revised the "HN" MOC section added newly aquirred Cards

Last edited by Craig T on Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:06 pm; edited 15 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:34 pm

Craig T wrote:
Hi Lads,

I haven’t been posting recently on the Forum as I have been working secretly on my limelight post for the last few weeks now. I didn’t release how hard this would be but it has been huge fun for a novice like me and it is starting to come together. I was hoping to finish this weekend and launch then but something has come up and I might not be able to work on it for a fortnight. Until then it's a little unfinished but I look forward to hearing you comments on how I can make it better.

Uli has started the ball rolling by asking me to add shots of each MOC’s sabre and blaster (next to the appropriate card back) - I will eventually do this as it will help the variant hunters out there to confirm their weapons.

Wow its turned into a great reference Craig, I like the layout, very professional looking for a forum thread!

Looks like you put a lot of effort into that! It might set a benchmark for future limelights for others!

Last edited by Craig T on Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:15 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Needed some posting space so used Joe's post to quote the message I deleted)
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:41 pm

Great stuff Craig,keep up the good work mate! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Wed Apr 21, 2010 6:42 pm

Wow awesome Luke Jedi focus.It's totally awesome.

Good work Craig. bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow bow

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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:53 pm

really great reference Craig, some of the style of limelights here on TIGare really unique. top stuff
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:09 pm

Joe_O wrote:
Wow its turned into a great reference Craig, I like the layout, very professional looking for a forum thread!

Looks like you put a lot of effort into that! It might set a benchmark for future limelights for others!

That's exactly what I thought when Craig showed me his project.

Craig you have really raised the bar on limelight thread formatting. It is looking really good.
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:03 pm

Thank you all for your kind words lads...

I will be back soon to finish what I begun...
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:12 pm


Great job on the limelight man! I love your Luke Jedi focus, and the way you present it is incredible.

I just hope this doesn't become the standard for limelighting or my limelight will never be updated. I don't have the talent or the ambition to do what you've done! lol!

Once again, great job!
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Fri Apr 23, 2010 4:01 am

Wow that is a superb limelight and very informative too. There's a lot of effort gone into that presentation and I'm sure everyone appreciates it.

Certainly know who I'll be pestering when I get round to checking the correctness of my Luke Jedi accessories Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010   Sun May 23, 2010 6:00 pm

Still working on my post.

Added some more notes for the TJ factory.

Spent some time making graphics for the layout.

I Just wanted thank Chris, Jay, & Shawn for the great help and technical advice in developing the post.

I eventually took Rob's advice and got myself a photo tent and lights. Hopefully I can take some great shots of the loose figures.
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Craigy's Luke Jedi - Last Updated: 02/07/2010

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