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 For Sale Star Wars Special Edition Frito Lay Lenticular Disc proof sheet

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PostSubject: For Sale Star Wars Special Edition Frito Lay Lenticular Disc proof sheet   Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:27 am

Here is a proof sheet from the 1997 Special Edition Frito Lay Lenticular Discs. It is an uncut, one sided, proof sheet of all the lenticular discs that were made by Frito Lay as tie in with the Special Edition re-releases. I have had this in my collection since around 1998 or 1999 when I originally bought it from a contact that I got some other pre-production items from at the time. The story goes like this:
These test sheets were first off the press to test the lenticular motion of the discs. There were approximately only 15 of these that were run off before final prints (double sided) were started. Due to Fed Ex Shipping limitations at the time, and unseasonalby cold weather, all but three suffered some damage. Most of them were destroyed completely. The one I have is one of the damaged ones that survived. It had some cracking on the right side and a chunk missing at the bottom right. It is approximately 28" x 37". It has the printer proof color bars at the top and bottom. It is rows and rows of the circular discs; 18 rows across and 40 rows up and down. It is printed using the same type of material that the lenticular discs were made from, except it is blank on the back. As a complete sheet, it is very flexible so I can see how it could get damaged in shipping if not packed extremely well.
Here are a couple of pics if anyone has any interest in it, but keep in mind that it is lenticular so it doesn't photograph that well. (as it captures motion and reflection depending on the angle that you're photographing it from).

It is damaged but it is also a really cool proof sheet  and I haven't seen any around in the many years that I've had it.


Forewarned though, shipping on this is going to be a bit due to size. It will be mailed out really securely and safely, but the pacakge will run about 34" x 44".


Price wise.. I honestly don't know. I've had it so long and I've never seen another one for sale. So, let's put this at a really flexible $270.00 and I am open to all "reasonable" offers.

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For Sale Star Wars Special Edition Frito Lay Lenticular Disc proof sheet

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