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 FS: POTF coins

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FS: POTF coins Empty
PostSubject: FS: POTF coins   FS: POTF coins I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 02, 2015 2:26 pm


I have the following coins for sale. All prices are paypal gift amounts that I will need to clear after fees/conversion. They will all ship in a coin capsule for protection. We can work out postage when a deal is struck. In the UK, that's likely to be about £3.

Any questions, just get in touch.

Luke Bespin coin - £130
FS: POTF coins 110FS: POTF coins 210

Luke Original with landspeeder - £80
FS: POTF coins 111FS: POTF coins 211

Jawas - £45
FS: POTF coins 113FS: POTF coins 214

Luke X-wing - £45
FS: POTF coins 114FS: POTF coins 215

Emperor - £60
FS: POTF coins 213FS: POTF coins 310

Gamorrean Guard - £70
FS: POTF coins 112FS: POTF coins 212

Luke Jedi - £60
FS: POTF coins 115FS: POTF coins 216

Leia endor - £40
FS: POTF coins 116FS: POTF coins 217
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FS: POTF coins

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