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 jawa vynil cape, biker macao and pbp and poch fig

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PostSubject: jawa vynil cape, biker macao and pbp and poch fig   Mon Jan 11, 2016 11:25 am

variant for sail. please mail to for any question or pic

1 luke bespin pale hands very good condition C9 220 euros
3 tusken reddish paint and melts marks: great condition 60
4 imperial commander big brown eyebrow: glued on shoulder since bad sonic weldding again 60
5 snowtrooper has pinkish hand and leg, with classic marks on top of arms 40
6 rebel soldier white legs: great condition, little paint loss on legs in front 50
8 yoda pistachio: paint rub and loosy arms, melts marks in the back 40 euros
10 bespin gard: good condition, pale hands, tipical red arms 50 euros

1 han hoth pale face pbp version, not trilogo 120 euros
2 biker pbp scar 80 euros pending
3 x3 snowtrooper double scar 25 15 15 euros
6 atat driver hard plastic 25
7 C3PO with screw from spain.pbp reddish but used condition 20
8 stormtrooper hard plastic (great variant) 90 euros
9 boba unpainted knee, except paint loss on left shoulder, it is near mint, articulation hard, unplayed 200 euros
10 chewebacca D coo 30 euros
11 at-at commander scar long neck 25

jawa 1100 euros mint
biker macao 70 and 100 euros

also minty:
anakin 20
lando general 25 no accesories
boba taiwan 30
vader hk 35

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jawa vynil cape, biker macao and pbp and poch fig

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