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 Star Wars LEGO and Galactic Heroes?

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Imperial Officer
Imperial Officer

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PostSubject: Star Wars LEGO and Galactic Heroes?   Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:00 pm

Hello. Does anyone here care for these things? I'm asking because we have 50 plus Galactic Heroes and I found two of the little LEGO figures in a junk box recently. The two LEGO figures are Luke Farmboy and that bounty hunter chick/alien thats working for Jango in Ep2. I have zero interest or use for these. (I was looking at E-Bay under Star Wars LEGO, yikes, some of these little things are selling like flapjacks!)
As to the GHs, they were a passing fancy for my wife...she likes the female Jedi-types.

Anyhow, just wondering...

Cheers kiddies,

Andre drinking
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Star Wars LEGO and Galactic Heroes?

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