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 FS SRING SALE PBP Meccano German Clipper Preprod Poster MOC & More

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Imperial Gunner
Imperial Gunner

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PostSubject: FS SRING SALE PBP Meccano German Clipper Preprod Poster MOC & More   Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:34 pm

All Prices are in Euro, Payment via Bank Transfer or PP gift or you add the fees.

Everything is also for trade against Foreign or Preprod stuff. If you think some prices are too high or too low drop me a offer please.

Please send me a Mail to Michifromhell(at)

All pics in large here :


Yoda 8 ball First Shot 750 Euro

24 different Micro Figures, unpainted 300 Euro the Lot

UDE Droids Governor Koong, Dies. The only dies front and back out there for this awesome character FT against other nice stuff. Drop me a Mail if you want to discuss


Glasslite Droids MOC, different condition. Really tough to find in any condition Kea Moll, Kez Iban and Jord Dusat each is 1500 Euro

Glasslite POTF X Wing Paste Up Sheet, Preproduction Brazil items are nearly impossible to find. This Sheet was used in the production process and has a lot of hand changed markings. Awesome item and size 2000 Euro


Bi-Logo Jabba the Hutt with ROTJ Italian Sticker, really hard to find 350 Euro

Harbert Guerre Stellari, Proiettore 150 Euro

4 Mego/Gigi Black Hole Figures from Italy Set 230 Euro


Meccano Ree Yees MOC 700 Euro

Meccano Chief Chirpa MOC 700 Euro

French Meccano Luke and Leia Stickers 20 Euro each


German Darth Vader Store Display, nice Display but without the red foil on the eyes and without electric. 150 Euro

German Kenner Retailer Catalog 1981 300 Euro

German Kenner Poster, this was sold in the stores around 79/80, this is really huge and an awesome Design. Those are the best decoration you could get 250 Euro (AT-ST Driver is for size comparison)

German Krieg der Sterne Poster, this Poster was used for the first Movie and decorate the Cinemas. really hard to find in this condition 125 Euro

German Video Promotion
German ROTJ Video Promotion Poster 35 Euro
German Droids Video Press Information 75 Euro
German Vader Poster from a Video Magazine 2 Euro
German Ewoks Video Promotion Poster 75 Euro
German Caravan of Courage Video Promotion Poster 25 Euro


Spain PBP ROTJ Advertisement, removed from a Magazine (hard to find one) 40 Euro

Spain 20th Century Fox Christmas Card 1981 30 Euro

Spain ROTJ Comic Advertisement 10 Euro


Dutch UFO Chewbacca Food Sticker 5 Euro

Kenner ESB 41 back Ugnaught with Boba Fett Clipper Sticker 950 Euro
Kenner ESB 41 back Han Solo Bespin with Boba Fett Clipper Sticker 1250 Euro

Kenner 41 back R2-D2 with yellow Clipper wrap around Sticker AFA 80 1900 Euro

Dutch Darth Vader Empire Promotion Sticker 90 Euro

ROTJ Cardbacks

Clipper each 20 Euro
Kenner each 4 Euro

ESB Cardbacks

Clipper Chewbacca 200 Euro
Clipper Leia 40 Euro
Clipper Rebel Soldier 35 Euro
Zuckuss 15 Euro
German walrus Man 40 Euro
German Bespin Guard 30 Euro
German Luke Hoth 60 Euro
German ROTJ R2-D2 with Palitoy Sticker on back 350 Euro
Palitoy each 20 Euro

Different stuff

Kenner Logray Ewoks MOC in really nice condition 250 Euro

ROTJ Sticker Album, All Stickers are inside, really nice condition 35 Euro

Star Wars Sticker Album Complete with all Stickers 15 Euro

unpainted each 5 Euro
Vader Hangar 3 Euro
C3-PO, I think this was made in the 90s. Not an Original 15 Euro

Ugnaught painting (unknown artist) 10 Euro

Star Wars and other Space Themes Vinyl 15 Euro


Tomarts Action Figure Collectable Number 3, 20 Euro

Sternenimperium German Book 20 Euro

Generations Science Fiction, awesome HC Book in French, Amazing Props and Design 70 Euro

Kellerman Collectors Book, A must have 300 Euro

Collector Books each 10 Euro

Hakes Americana Auction Catalogs each 10 Euro

German Toy Hunters Magazines from the 90´s each 5 Euro

some stuff from 1990 till today:

if you are interested in anything please let me know.

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PostSubject: Re: FS SRING SALE PBP Meccano German Clipper Preprod Poster MOC & More   Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:37 pm

So many awesome pieces. Good luck with the sale.


I have caviar dreams and McDonald's pockets
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FS SRING SALE PBP Meccano German Clipper Preprod Poster MOC & More

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