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Grand Moff
Grand Moff

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PostSubject: FOR SALE MY UZAY COLLECTION   Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:19 am

Hi Everyone,
To avoid possible problems with private PMs etc, this time, i will ONLY TAKE IN ACCOUNT the offers received in this email:
,and i will do it in extric reception order. So, if you are interested in any ítem, please take a minute to sending me an email Emoticono wink .
I received the estimation for printing my book, and i cant really afford the expenses on my own rigth now….
For an higher good, I made the most tough decision in my collecting life…so i decide selling my Uzay stuff. In other case it would take me forever to rise the funds i will need very soon…
There is not time for a crowdfunding Project and i really do not want to go that way this time…
So….Here we go… ☺
Some considerations to take in account, please read:
-The prices are set in €uros.
-All of the ítems have a Best Offer option.
-Registered shippment is included in the asking price, anywhere in the world.
-Paypal fees are NOT included unless i say the opposite in the figure description.
-If you think the prices are too high or too low please feel free to let me know via PM or email, i would love to keep this sale “clean” on non transactional coments, Thanks all in advance for your understanding about this.
-I will send detailed picts and proper descriptions of everithing to serious buyers.
-No “On hold” figures at this time, first to come, first to serve.
-Any doubt, please just ask, i will be more than happy to reply any questions.
All the weapons and accessories are 100% original Uzay guaranteed and they are in a very good shape.
-Stromtrooper(COMPLETE) 699€.ONLY the loose figure 350€. ONLY the original weapon 500€.
-Imperial Gunner(COMPLETE): Unpainted belt buckle/unpainted red helmet detail varaint. Mint condition, stiff limbs and complete with original UZAY weapon. 1199€
-Snowtrooper: great condition, very white plastic and stiff limbs.
-Darth Vader (COMPLETE): Mint condition figure, like its was taken off the card yesterday. Original saber and cape(no tears or rips) 100% original Uzay guaranteed, this one was trade many years ago with Mete Akin. This figure will be sent full insured and by the safest method. Paypal fees INCLUDED. A sort payment plan is available in this one.
-HeadMan WITH golden SHIELD: Purchased from the “Uzay Brothers” from Turkey. According to them, this figure was used for taking the picts for the art on the Uzay cards, so this is a piece on the Uzay history. This is the very hard to find Golden Shield Variant, 100% original Uzay guaranteed. SWORD IS NOT INCLUDED(“missing” in transit misteriously, back in the original transaction). The figure is in top condition. This figure will be sent full insured and by the safest method. Paypal fees INCLUDED. A sort payment plan is available in this one.
-ERG no cape variant:Great condition, stiff limbs.
-TFP dark gray boots and gloves(COMPLETE):Paint is in great conditio to be a Uzay figure, with a minor rubs here and there. Comes with original Uzay sort AT-AT driver rifle.
-Chewbacca reddish limbs variant (COMPLETE):Mint condition figure, no paint loss, stiff limbs and original Uzay bowcaster.
-AT-AT driver gray limbs/small emblems variant (COMPLETE): Top condition figure, minor paint loss to the gloves(which seems to be from Factory), stiff limbs and original Uzay AT-At driver rifle.
Thanks for looking and good luck!

Javier Ruilópez
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Sith Apprentice
Sith Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: FOR SALE MY UZAY COLLECTION   Fri Apr 01, 2016 9:20 pm

good luck with the sale , I know it cant be easy to unload these . I hope your book gets released study
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