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 Pilot Weapons - new slant?

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PostSubject: Pilot Weapons - new slant?   Tue May 17, 2016 1:34 pm

I have a number of pilot weapons (all original from Tie and Cloud Car Pilot figures) in my collection and I was trying to document their versions with the TIG guide last week.

I realised a few things:
1) that the "thin tip" blaster is not a "thin tip" at all, it's the entire blaster that's thinner - see side-by-side picture below.
2) there are so many variations (from just two figures?) that I don't think they are actual variations. I think there is a thin & a thick blaster mould (different factories maybe?), then they loaded in different plastic compounds over time that means the weapons differ slightly in color (should this be considered a variation?).

The reason I think this is because I have 4 blasters (two are the same) so I pictured the three different ones.

I think my #1 is a v2, my #2 is a v3 (but I'm not certain), but my #3 is odd because it doesn't have a raised EPM (although it does have extra flashing around the bottom of the EPM) so it's not a v6, and it's dark grey so it's not a v1 either - is it new variation maybe or just a different color version of a v1? (+ a messed up sight end)

What do you guys think?

Thin vs Thick weapon (not just the tip) (don't ask how I got them to stand up!)


This is the #3 (thin blaster) to show the flush EPM but with extra flashing remaining on the bottom side of the EPM, definately flush on the top side though
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PostSubject: Re: Pilot Weapons - new slant?   Tue May 17, 2016 3:03 pm

Nice observations and pics on the thin versus thick blaster.

Slightly OT, I was wondering about EPMs in general... raised, indented, flush, my understanding is they are ejector pin marks (EPMs) caused by pins pushing the object from the mould (someone correct me if I'm out as I'm no expert) -

I was wondering is the type of EPM dependent on the force expelled by the pin?

A heavy pin might leave an indented mark.
A moderate pin might leave a flush mark.
A light pin might 'stick' to the plastic and 'pull' it outward, leaving a raised mark.

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Pilot Weapons - new slant?

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