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 Someone just got ripped off big time...

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PostSubject: Someone just got ripped off big time...   Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:04 am

Hello-I am new to TIG but have been an avid Star Wars fan and collector for years-anyways-i recently sold(on ebay) a Princess Leia Endor with a custom pink poncho-it was clearly stated as custom-no later than an hour after listing it,it sold-which should have been a clue to me-regardless,i shipped out the item and a few days after the buyer recieved it,i started receiving other emails from a few different collectors letting me know he had been offering the item up for sale as original-i contacted my mom to ask if she knew anything about the item(as it has just kind of always been in my collection as far as i know)and she explained to me that my figure had lost the original camo poncho and my grandmother(a semi-professional seamstress) decided to attempt to fabricate one for me the best she could-unfortunately she could only find pink material ,but it was similar to what the original poncho felt like-she made the poncho apparently and i have had the figure ever since-had i known the figure was something my grandmother(now deceased)had spent time on,i would simply have kept it for my kids to enjoy later in life-regardless,i was also told this particular seller-Jacob Arellanos from california is not a reputable seller-dishonest to the core-he has even attempted scams as low as trying to sell a sun bleached discolored squidhead figure as an original with an orange cloak error or prototype-things like that-i am certain his intent was to sell this item as original and make a quick profit-so someone already more tha likely has purchased it-i am just hoping they can somehow be informed of their purchase so they can get their money back-to the figure's credit-the poncho is pretty intricate and well designed-but nonetheless-it is not original....
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Johnpaul Ragusa

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PostSubject: Re: Someone just got ripped off big time...   Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:23 pm


Can you link us to the auction and buyer info?

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Someone just got ripped off big time...

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