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 moment of silence and prayer

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PostSubject: moment of silence and prayer   Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:37 pm

For those who live in the states you have likely heard about the shooting in Dallas last night.  As a former officer, and one who was in a city that neighbored Dallas, I have many friends still in law enforcement and some on Dallas PD.  Thankfully my friends. even though they were working and there, were not any of the fallen or injured.   Today at noon our time (30 minutes from now as I type this) there is a moment of silence and prayer in Dallas and many surrounding towns.  If you can take a second and think of these guys and their families.

Whether or not you have positive feelings for police, please remember our officers are all humans also and they have families and friends just like you.


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PostSubject: Re: moment of silence and prayer   Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:31 pm

Yeah.. this is how the world works apparently. Solving violence with violence to create more violence.

The police force has been taking several hits but they're not exactly helping themselves and no one is helping the situation. It really sucks.

Prayers go out to the officers that are injured.
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PostSubject: Re: moment of silence and prayer   Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:31 pm

Every second of every day, humankind proves we are the worst type of animal. I hope for a great future for my son but I have my doubts. I guess we need to focus as individuals to be the best we can be. My thoughts go out to all those that suffer unnecessarily. Sad
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PostSubject: Re: moment of silence and prayer   Sat Jul 09, 2016 4:01 am

I heard about this when I woke up. I have many friends who are either still police officers or former officers like my good friend Bryan I am also on a few police sites as well, I worry everyday they go on duty. I myself even applied to be a police officer in both Canada and with the LAPD. I just didn't meet the requirements here in Canada.

What is happening now is just getting worse all over the place, I like many don't know what the answers are or how to fix the problems in this world, Education would be a start, parents teaching their kids respect and showing by example, media and social media sites are also doing it's part to fuel the fires.

I do know one thing the rate we as the so called intelligent lifeforms are going if we last another 50 years on this planet I would be impressed the rate it's going and if things don't change I fear the generation of kids growing up today will be facing a World War within their lifetime.

I don't mean to sound so negative but it really is getting bad all over between the terrorists attacks and war around the planet and the disregard for law enforcement and the government to do their jobs and a race war building up fast it's getting really scary. I don't know how police officers are trained in the US but from some of the vids I seen yes those cops were in the wrong for how the situation turned out. Dallas I feel is only the beginning it's going to get worse if we don't work together.

For now my thoughts are with the Officers families and those others who were wounded in this senseless attack. Stay safe my friends.

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moment of silence and prayer

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