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 FS: A Few Weapons, Figures, Parts, 12" Fett Parts

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Johnpaul Ragusa
Johnpaul Ragusa

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PostSubject: FS: A Few Weapons, Figures, Parts, 12" Fett Parts   Sun Jul 17, 2016 11:09 pm

For Sale - Figures / Weapons / Etc..
Shipping for figures and bigger accessories is $3 flat in the US (much as you want). International I can ship $3 for 1st fig, $1 each additional but no tracking and no liability. If you want tracking we can figure it out.
Weapons / belts I can ship in white envelope for .50 US / $1.20 Worlwide

Rancor Hood - $5
Vibro Axes - $4 each
Yoda Belt $10
C3PO Net $2
Boba Fett 12" Belt $20
Salacious Crumb Baggie $6
Dagobah Playset Crates $20 for set
Jabba Bowl $3
Jabba Throne String and Hook $7
12" Boba Fett Gun (broken) $5
Taun Taun reins (broken) $4


Leia w Cape - $12
Han Trenchcoat $5
Han Bespin $3
Lobot $2
Teebo $4
Zuckuss $4
Chewbacca $4 each
Weequay (fig only) - $3 each

Complete Logray $12 Each
Complete Luke X Wing $17
Complete ATAT Driver $11
FX7 - $7 each
Complete Weequay (nicer figures) - $8

Prices are PP Gift


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FS: A Few Weapons, Figures, Parts, 12" Fett Parts

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