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 The star wars action figure conundrum. Youtube channel

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PostSubject: The star wars action figure conundrum. Youtube channel   Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:27 pm

I've posted this elsewhere in the forum, but it wont hurt posting it here also.

Hey Guys

This is Jacob speaking to you from the land down under. I have started a youtube Chanell called 'The star wars action figure conundrum'. My plan is to show case every vintage figure from the first 12 backs' ( 1978 ) , ESB ( 1980 ), ROTJ (1983 ), Tri logo (1983), POTF (1985 ) Droids (1985 ), ewoks (1985 ), Lili Ledy ( 1986 ) ,Uzay (1987 ), Glasslite (1988) and the vintage gentle giant series. I've currently just started the ESB line, and if your interested in watching and enjoy the show, make sure you subscribe, because i have a lot of video's planned. If the Chanell get's past it's 1000 subscriber by the time i finish the vintage line completely, i will start at the potf2 line, and make my way to the present line, which will be an exhausting and exciting time to produce video's for each and every figure created. Here's a link to the first of the ESB line.....
If you enjoy it, go back and watch the earlier episodes and get an idea of where i am heading. Mind you, the first 4 episodes are a bit rough because of using a webcam, but they get better after that when i upgrade my equipment. I currently release a new episode every 4 days, which will showcase a minimum of 2 figures. I will occasionally, do an episode of a modern era figure, but the plan is to complete the vintage line in it's entirety. So, come help a fellow star wars collector and everything else that goes with it.
see you soon
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The star wars action figure conundrum. Youtube channel

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