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 Chopper's WTB list - HELP !!

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Imperial Lieutenant
Imperial Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Chopper's WTB list - HELP !!   Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:27 am

Help a brother out completing my 3rd loose set ... PLEASE .. Looking for quality figures with very minor wear ..

If you have any cool variants of any of the below let me know too.


Ledy Emperor (complete)
White Bespin Guard (figure only)
Black Bespin Guard (figure only)
4-Lom (figure plus cloak only)
Ledy Teebo (complete)
C3PO (any version including LL, Kenner etc.)
C3PO removable limbs (any version including LL, Kenner etc.)
Rebel Commando (Endor) (complete)

1x Lando Skiff (Ledy helmet)
1x Nikto Staff
3x Leia Bespin Blasters
4x Rebel Blaster (Han Solo/Greedo)
2x Luke Stormtrooper Blasters

I know some of these weapons are a long shot but you don't ask .... you don't get !!!

Please PM me with prices or post below if you like?
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Chopper's WTB list - HELP !!

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