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 Animal warriors of the kingdom

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PostSubject: Animal warriors of the kingdom   Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:48 pm

So lately I have veered away from star wars as there just isn't much excitement in it to me with modern and vintage prices are insane. This means my collecting has been rather stagnant but lately I have been getting stuff I want instead of straight collections of things. Some of these things are from kick-starter and i just wanted to share this line with you guys. It really isn't for everyone but as soon as I saw the lion o Thundercat looking one I really wanted it. I only backed at a 3 figure pledge but just in case anyone might like the line, I figured I'd put it out here for you guys to see. I am not affiliated with these guys and just a pledger on their stuff. Anyway here it is:


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Animal warriors of the kingdom

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