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 Looking to trade for a blue/black Leia Blaster

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Imperial Lieutenant
Imperial Lieutenant

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PostSubject: Looking to trade for a blue/black Leia Blaster   Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:59 pm

I'd really like to trade away some of the stuff I have no use for anymore. I can also consider these partial payment. If you want to trade though, take all you want, and I only need the Leia blaster. In case I need some prices, to stay legit, I've priced them.

Blue Bespin blaster -$15
Gray pilot blaster - $15
V1-c Imperial blaster - $20
Hoth Trooper/Dengar blaster - $10

a few loose, incomplete figures
Walrus Man (A++) - $20
IG-88 (A+) - $15
Hammer Head (A+) - $10
Hammer Head 2 (C+) - $7
Chewbacca (B-) - $13
Death Squad Commander (A) - $25
Bespin guard (black) (B+) - $18
DSD (C+) - $5
3po (B-) - $7

Not much exciting here, but if you're interested, let me know.
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Looking to trade for a blue/black Leia Blaster

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