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 WTB: Rare Mexican/SA Bootlegs

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WTB:  Rare Mexican/SA Bootlegs Empty
PostSubject: WTB: Rare Mexican/SA Bootlegs   WTB:  Rare Mexican/SA Bootlegs I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 12:32 am

These are a shot in the dark but I figure what the hell!

Here is a list of what I still need:

Emperor (white)
Leia (yellow w/ cape)
Han (any)
Luke X-Wing (any)
Klaatu Skiff (white)
Snowtrooper-common head sculpt (dark blue or yellow)
Snowtrooper-vintage head sculpt (light blue)
B-Wing Pilot ( orange , red or yellow)
Mini- Jabba
Boba Fett (white or dark blue)
Logray (exactly like vintage with accessories )
Emperors Royal Guard (white)
Ree Yees (white)
Luke Bespin (white w/ green paint)
Chief Chirpa (white w/ red or blue hood)
Luke Stormtrooper (POTF2 sculpt)
C-3PO (POTF2 sculpt, silver)
Prune Face (any)
Han Trenchcoat (any)
Admiral Ackbar (yellow chestplate)
At-At Driver (yellow)
Weequay (blue, yellow w/ tan face)

These are VERY hard to find! As rare as they are I personally know they all exist, if you have any questions just let me know. If you have any leads... I have money ready Wink
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WTB: Rare Mexican/SA Bootlegs

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