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 nos powell peralta skateboards

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nos powell peralta skateboards Empty
PostSubject: nos powell peralta skateboards   nos powell peralta skateboards I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 17, 2011 9:44 pm

nos vintage skateboards

i still got a load of skateboards left from my old collection

and knowing alot of members used to skate them self i fig to not just post them on

skateboard collector forums

not gonna post them all just gonna test the waters with these two

iam also interrested in tradeing for vintage star wars moc's or even a pile of beater fig

you can check ebay for these aswell if you want a second oppinion on prices

both of them are dead mint , nos ( new old stock )
the bleu paowel peralta steve saiz totem is a +- 50 usd board usd - or a moc that i dont have
the powelperalta bug is +- 100/150 usd board , iam asking 100 usd -or a moc that i dont have

nos powell peralta skateboards Bug3

nos powell peralta skateboards Bug-1

nos powell peralta skateboards Totem2

nos powell peralta skateboards Totem1

in case you might be interrested in a trade for moc

these are what i have already
nos powell peralta skateboards DSC_0834

ad a hot rebel commander , yoda and han hoth to those

and delete those ewoks , lol!

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nos powell peralta skateboards

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