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 FS: Falcon with box

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FS: Falcon with box Empty
PostSubject: FS: Falcon with box   FS: Falcon with box I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 04, 2011 1:28 pm

Got a BI-Logo Mllenium falcon with box I don't want. French / English on box.

Millenium Falcon got slight yellowing all over, it is missing some stickers, it's dirty and need a bit of cleaning. Sound does not work unless the only batteries I had that fit where dead. They are pretty old but it's unlikely.

The box is beaten up but kept its shape, as you can see it's not in any good condition but no tears on the outside. The cardboard insert on the inside is teared on the right side where the back of the falcon should be.
It does have the very imba sought after Swedish stickers "Dolls/Figures are not included" in good condition *lol j/k though it's a couple there. Maybe you can make out what company that imported it. It is probably Palitoy.

It is near complete missing the stick with jediball. Cardboard inserts inside falcon are very good, also most stickers are in very good condition. But note that this is not a great piece and the yellowing doesn't really show on the pictures but it's there and is noticeable though slight.
I forgot to photo the roof hatch, but its there and missing one round sticker.

I was thinking 45$ + Shipping for it. But I take offers.

I can clean the falcon up and fix the sound for 15$ if wanted, but I decided to not do anything about it since removing the slight yellowing is a lot of work on such a large ship, but I can do this as well if wanted.

Some pics.
FS: Falcon with box Dscn4109n
FS: Falcon with box Dscn4107r
FS: Falcon with box Dscn4105d
FS: Falcon with box Dscn4104h
FS: Falcon with box Dscn4103
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FS: Falcon with box

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