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 Details of the updates to the TIG User Structure

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Details of the updates to the TIG User Structure Empty
PostSubject: Details of the updates to the TIG User Structure   Details of the updates to the TIG User Structure I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 14, 2010 7:26 am

Hi Everybody i just wanted to let you know that there has been a couple of updates to the TIG User Structure that some of you may have noticed on the forum Smile

For those that didn't know there are 4 separate user groups - Administrators, Moderators, TIG Developers and Users.

Admin - Which is myself i deal with technically site of the forum itself.

Moderators - Tim (Tank1252), Joe (Joe_O), James (aussiejames) and Shawn (Shawn_K)

The Mod team are responsibly for the day to day running of the forum.

The MOD's can do a number of things and whilst i wont go into it all they do have the power to block / ban people which should never be needed in a great community like this but there is always the chance you will get a troll or a scammer who tries there luck so we want to ensure we are protected. If any of you ever have any issues, problems or concerns them please don't hesitate to contact one of the MOD team. As Shawn is based in the USA, Joe in Europe and James and Tim In OZ then this means regardless of the global time zones someone is usually about Smile

TIG Developers - This is a new user class that has been set up.

The reason i have done this is there are many challenges to overcome when trying to deliver content for you guys. Here at TIG we want everything to be the very best quality and ultimately this can take time and sometimes a lot of trial and error to get things just right.

As many know the big focus is the Lily Ledy Action Figure Guide for 2010 therefore Josh_T, Rob Cobra_UK and Stu Burnsy have been invited to this group. I have set up a work area forum for these guys to be able to do the type of testing required in the coming months and to build guides before transferring them into the main Reference Forum.

This wont detract from the great threads in the reference section in any way. Once the template is finalized we will be going into working out the content required for each LL figure one at a time. The plan is to set up a thread in the Reference section for each figure so that all users can discuss and decide what needs to be added and ensure that the information we collate is 100% correct.

I always believe in transparency hence the reason for this post.

Like all forums out there there is a moderator only Forum on TIG this was vital when we first set up the forum this allows myself and the MOD team to plan things like the TIG Raffles, users invites, marketing campaigns, stats assessments etc.

As mentioned before the TIG developers have a separate forum for working on technical tests. They are currently working on getting the new LL Guide Template set at the best level of resolution both for the forum, the image quality and so that vast majority of user wont need to scroll across the page to see the whole images.

If anyone is skilled with programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator CS3 and would like to join the TIG Developers Team then let me know.

If anybody has any questions at all them feel free to post on this thread or shoot me a PM

Cheers Jay
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Details of the updates to the TIG User Structure

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