Looking back at my 2011 goals I was pretty much on track. Some life changes had caused me to revamp my focus lines but I still maintained to add a ton of stuff to my Mexican/SA bootleg collection. I pretty much sold off all my modern stuff as well as my prototypes (vintage/modern), artwork and pre-production stuff like I wanted. I still haven't been able to find one of my main Mexican grails, a mini-Jabba, so that once again will be my main priority. I did some rethinking of my bootleg collection and even sold off a few lines of that that I don't plan on completing anytime soon, so I used that money for more Mexican goodies. I did really well with a bunch of old Mexican three-packs and loose figures this year, finally got my yellow Snowtrooper, white Chief Chirpa, dark blue Snowtrooper, a couple Hans and a couple more Fetts off my want list among many others... and even a ship.

As for 2012== Unfortunately, beginning the start of the year I won't be around very much due to new career goals but will be quietly buying up Mexican/SA's as I see them from a few good contacts. That's literally about it. My main want list:
White Fett
White Ree-Yees
Luke X-Wing
Prune Face
Han Trench Coat
Yellow AtAt Driver
Yellow Leia

We'll see how I do at the end of 2012, LOL.