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 A Visit From the Emperor

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A Visit From the Emperor Empty
PostSubject: A Visit From the Emperor   A Visit From the Emperor I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 09, 2014 9:37 pm

This is a poem done by a friend of mine from the 501st Outer Rim Garrison

A Visit From the Emperor
TI:10501 (svicar)

with sincere apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the station
There was hustle and bustle and great consternation.

The blasters were hung by the helmets with care,
Not knowing the Emperor soon would be there.

The troopers all snoring asleep in their rack
All safe and sound, and glad to be back.

The Admiral was tired and still on his feet
But battle was over and victory was sweet.

When over the comm link, through chain of command
One thought that a counter-attack was at hand!

Away to the lift and on level ten
I met at the hanger with some of my men.

But deep space was empty no lasers in sight
With only some stars and one bright white light.

Then one became nine in front of my eyes
Imperial Shuttle and eight Advanced Ties!

The Emperor's early! We formed up quick.
We weren't quite prepared, I think I felt sick.

The Hangar Controller without much delay
Cleared the small Shuttle to enter the bay.

The Ties were instructed to remain on station
And all eight complied without hesitation.

From gantry above to hanger below
Troopers now gathered, excitement did grow.

The Emperors' pilot precise, with his grip
Retracted the wings of his special ship.

The landing gear contacted the deck with a bump
The ramp it came down; my throat had a lump.

And down he did shuffle his cane in his hand.
His robes flowed behind him all dowdy and bland.

A phalanx of body guards made up the rear
All dressed in red, each armed with a spear.

His eyes were like fire his skin was like snow.
His body was stooped his hood hung down low.

He glared at the Admiral and flashed up a grin.
I thought the "old man" would leap out of his skin!

"I've followed the battle", the Emperor hissed.
"Your troops are the best, they'll surely be missed."

"I don't understand", the Admiral did say,
"The Rebels are routed, our troops won the fray?"

The Emperor cackled and tilted his head.
The hanger fell silent, we all filled with dread.

"I come bearing accolades to you and your crew.
The Empire is pleased home port leave is due."

And without a word he turned to his ship
He climbed up the ramp his guards at his hip.

The ramp then went up the ship spun around
We all stood there staring with jaws on the ground.

Then all of a sudden there arose such a cheer,
"All home for Christmas!" was all you could hear.

The Admiral exclaimed with finger in collar
I'm too old for this, it's not worth the dollar!

I turned to the Admiral and said with delight,
"Merry Christmas to you Sir, and to all a good night.
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A Visit From the Emperor

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