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 Chewbacca variations.

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el rey
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Chewbacca variations.  Empty
PostSubject: Chewbacca variations.    Chewbacca variations.  I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 12, 2015 6:45 am

So I have these Chewbacca’s and it seems to me I have 3 green pouch ones and 1 brown and that 2 of them are euro versions.

Chewbacca, green pouch Year: 1977 COO: hong Kong
Chewbacca green pouch Year: 1977 COO: Hong Kong
Chewbacca(Euro/PBP) brown pouch Year: 1977 COO: D
Chewbacca, very loose limbs (euro) green limb, green pouch Year: 1977 COO: None

Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150311_213643_zpsbxndvivs
Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150311_212918_zpspez0dnef
Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150311_211842_zps3sybumkg
Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150311_211552_zpsbdvqq9ju
Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150311_211516_zpsdwcbjv2m
Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150307_185658_zpsw1ciw3a6
Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150307_185639_zpsyrn091kp

Can someone confirm, that I got the variations right? Also from what I know the green pouch version, is the rarer of the 2. But is it also worth more and if so how much? What about euro versions?

Also one of the bowcasters has what looks like leftovers from the mold filling and one of the “dots” on the weapon, didn’t get enough plastic to fill it complete out. Maybe that is why there is some left over at the mold filling.
Chewbacca variations.  Th_a9164be9-ca75-4109-926b-91f6a0c02012_zpso0rnyq9l
Chewbacca variations.  Th_20150311_213801_zpstbhqhvyr
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Chewbacca variations.

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