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 Luke Bespin Poch Question

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PostSubject: Luke Bespin Poch Question   Luke Bespin Poch Question I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2019 2:56 am

Hi , would appreciate your opinion about this Luke Bespin figure and if it could possibly be a poch. I recently got it on eBay among the many Luke Bespins .
Well , I know the guide states Luke Bespin poch figure got either coo 1 (as described by Wolff’s) or coo 5 (as described by javiswspain). This figure got coo 2 but got different paint application. I been reading quite a bit about poch and maybe seeing poch everywhere,. Lol ! This Luke Bespin got pale hands , color of boots are different, and “olive green”? head.
Is this the typical coo 2 from Kenner? Could poch use limbs with coo’s different than those described by wolf and Javiswspain? Here the pictures of this guy:

Luke Bespin Poch Question 6cd5e010
Luke Bespin Poch Question 41dd4010

I also got this other luke bespin , this one with coo 5 as javispain figure ,but it does not has the unpainted hip nor the same Hair color... it does has similar hands as this reference example described in wolff’s site but it is blond with kind of unusual Eyes and eyebrows . The boots are brown as the example in wolffs website. One boot though looks greenish iridescent / metallic ?? I think I am going crazy from collecting lol ... would appreciate your comments about these two figures !! Thanks

Luke Bespin Poch Question 3877d110
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Luke Bespin Poch Question

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