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 Hilt marks on DT lightsabre

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Hilt marks on DT lightsabre Empty
PostSubject: Hilt marks on DT lightsabre   Hilt marks on DT lightsabre I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2019 12:36 am

Hi All,
This topic is likely to have been discussed previously.....
I have recently acquired a DT Luke Skywalker, and all seemed legit. I notice that the hilt has no markings, and I always believed that all genuine DT lightsabres have letters. I already had another DT Luke Skywalker which I am quite sure is genuine. This one has "C" on the hilt...
In comparison, the weapons are virtually identical... same measurements, similar color & condition.....
I undertook the float test. The original weapon outer floated, and inner filament sank... The new weapon, both pieces floated....
I understand the float test is not conclusive on sabres anyhow....
My question is, has anyone come across legit DT weapons without Lettered hilts...???
Any feedback is welcome
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Hilt marks on DT lightsabre

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