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 COO Variants

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PostSubject: COO Variants   COO Variants I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 23, 2020 2:21 pm

I am new to the forum & have a few questions I am hoping someone could answer. I have a Star Wars collection that I am selling but finding accurate pricing to list them has been quite the ordeal as I was unaware of all of the different variants & how much they make a difference in pricing. My figures came from the original mail in figures and where I am confident I have figured out which ones I have for some (thanks to sites like yours) but there are a few I can’t seem to figure out & would love some help! Here are the figures I need help with:

Jawa : The COO on my Jawa matches the LL/Kenner COO where the Hong Kong & 1977 perfectly line up and the eyes/face are slightly different than my other Jawa but the hood is not detachable on the cape.

Luke: My Luke has a yellow shirt/torso & it’s not from yellowing over time, it’s definitely painted yellow.

CP3O: I cannot find a match to the COO, it has GMFGI Hong Kong 1977 but the spacing doesn’t match any COO I’ve found & the screw on the back does not have a line in it, it’s flat & I haven’t found one without the line. The gold doesn’t have much fading or wear like most but the limbs are not effortless to move.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I would upload photos but I’m not sure how or if I can do that on here. Thank you!
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COO Variants

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